What OKgamers offers the Casual Gamer

Welcome to our tour!  Evidently you associate yourself with casual gaming?  If you managed to click the wrong button, or surfed in via Google, let it be known there is also a tour for the Hardcore Gamer as well as the Business or Venue Owner…

Let’s begin: So, you game eh? Over 6 years ago OKgamers.com was made for you.  Well, okay, maybe not at first…  Sure, you might have heard about the site for it’s ‘hardcore’ gaming appeal; and it’s true that in 2006 the site started out for the tournament posting board – pure and simple.

However, the truth is the more that OKgamers worked with the community, the more we found fun gaming events – things you’d never know about! Not to mention, casual gamers also need partners and competition… And is attending gaming tournaments that bad?  Not according to the casual gamers that show up to game tournaments all the time!

Not Everything is a Tournament: Gaming Events

Pure and simple – OKgamers covers Tournaments AND Events. What’s the difference?  The local Anime or Scifi Convention has a gameroom, maybe even no tournaments there!  Midnight Launches with primo prizes and freebies – but you gotta know which one to go to…  Guitar Hero for the Cure.  24 Hour DnD sessions.  Online and in person gamer gatherings.  On, and on the list goes – gaming events happen too!  Keep a weekly eye on OKgamers.com – otherwise you never know what you’ll miss out on!

New XBL friends, DnD players, or Fighting gamer groups down the street are having fun!

A new focus in 2012 for OKgamers – the weekly gatherings.  DnD and roleplaying gamers use OKgamers to find groups frequently. (believe it or not!  They never come back and tell of their successes on the forums; but we know, they find groups!)  What many don’t know about – Fighting Gamers are a core group that NEED both casual and hardcore gamers - and have a blast getting together every week to play, practice, and shoot the bull, so to speak.

Just picked up (insert MMORPG here)?  That’s awesome! Need some trustworthy friends to play with? Tired of playing that XBL FPS with random idiots? OKgamers Local Players Forum can help you – find your game list in a thread, or start your own!

Tournaments – there’s nothing like them

Trying to explain the feeling of a tournament? The critical moments you face, the chance of besting another, and winning cash and prizes? There’s nothing else like it.

Everyone should play in a tournament – of some kind – at least once.  Don’t pass up your chance.

Few experiences compare. Few tell you so much about yourself.

So, what now?

You start exploring the gaming community more! Here’s your best list of links to get you started:

  • Need a new gaming team? Looking to fill that XBL friend list?  Check out the Local Players Forums – note they are broken into sections for various games; OKgamers supports all gamers in the OK area with this.
  • Events? Wanting to join a “Weekly Gathering” – they are all in our Tournaments and Events forum. Fair warning: we’ve seen events posted 2 days out; best rule of thumb is to check back Thursday or Fridays!
  • PRO-TIP – Check out the Hype and Planning forums – not only will they have events that are coming up and just not fully planned?  You’ll find valuable Tournament and Event resources in there!
  • Want to see where other gamers are? Members can hit up our Member Map, currently in beta.
  • Need Volunteer Hours? Just want to help out by Volunteering? Check out our Supporters Thread
  • Never see your game at an event? Become a Community Lead, and change that.

Want to help out, just not volunteer?  Let people know OKgamers even exists: 
- Tell a friend – maybe through Facebook!
- Join the forums – every Facebook “like”, and Forum Member proves there’s that many more gamers in Oklahoma!  The more gamers, the more awesome events Oklahoma will see!

Were you looking for “sponsorships”, and how to win money? You should check out that Hardcore Tour.

Were you looking for how to post an event, or promote your tournament? Definitely check out the Business Owner Tour.

Still not sure?  Seeing is believing – go check out our Facebook Photo Albums.  It’s full of happy gamers, smiling, and getting free stuff – winning Cellphones and Guitars with less than 10 people to compete against! So many awesome things happen in a year – don’t miss out on 2012.