Donating to – How You can Help has a 6+ year history of giving it’s all to Oklahoma’s gaming community, and by extension, improving our Oklahoma community as a whole.

What would a world without some of the niche gaming centers and communities we support be like?  Oklahoma would be that much lessened; every business and event we support lost means that much more potential we lose as a community; that much staying power our economic and social community surrendered.  OKgamers helps strengthen the roots of gaming, and thus directly adds value and entertainment to our community – reasons for people to live and love Oklahoma.

How can you donate to – and see our efforts strengthen?

  • Donate your time: we have plenty of opportunities throughout the year to directly help.
  • Donate funding: as a 501.c3 we have need of supplies and hardware, and strict guidelines that protect such investments going towards those ends.

Donating Funds to

You can donate right now!

What are we doing with funds?  

  • Every event, from small tournament to 3 day convention requires printing for signs and registration forms.  Ink, paper and general promotional flyer printing costs.
  • Every console based effort requires power strips, extension cables and accessories.
  • Every time we operate, something is consumed.

As a 501.c3 we are legally bound to use funds towards such ends.

In addition, OKgamers charges no group or business to work with us.  We require no fees to use the website.  We make zero dollars in our efforts; therefore to help offset listed expendables, we have setup our Donation Button; we hope you’ll help continue our efforts!

Why not charge at events?
Our economy is already rough; the charges we must associate with an event, from venue related fees to the traditional competitive pot charge or both already strain younger gamers budgets; from those on a allowance to those that attend college on a budget.  Any existing fee adds to parents expenses and chances they won’t get to see their children have fun at an event.

Turning away gamers by increasing our costs is almost as bad as doing nothing at all.  So, for the sake of our core demographic, we keep costs low.  For those that want to see our efforts continued and can afford to give financially, they can now donate via our Paypal driven Donate Button; for as long as we can, we’ll maintain this low cost model, we will.

Can I donate in Person?  Can I donate via Credit Card?

In person:  a “donate jar” or something to facilitate in person donations is something we’ve avoided in the past.  We don’t want to pressure good willed parents and gamers into choosing a donation vs a fun time; that’s not what we signed up for.  We don’t want to see “either / or” applied to a tournament entry, or a donation to help the cause.  If you wish to donate to OKgamers, and want to do it in person, simply hand your donation to the person behind the registration desk at the next event you attend noting your wish to donate; this is harder to track and gives you no paper trail for a tax write off, so we do not heavily encourage this.

Via Credit Card: You’ll find the Paypal Donate Button supports credit and debit cards. and our staff thank you for donating your time to help us, and your funds to see our efforts take form.  Without donations like these, couldn’t do what it does – improve Oklahoma for the community at large.  The volunteers and supports of OKgamers thanks you for joining our ranks.


Want to Donate?  Click the button below: