Saturday Reboot

January 26, 2013 @ 10:00 am – January 26, 2013 @ 10:00 pm
Tulsa Event Center
2625 South Memorial Drive
Tulsa, OK 74129
$10 location, Tournaments Vary

Techcon cancelled; but gamers didn’t. We’ve taken off work, made plans, and more. found a replacement venue; the Tulsa Event Center has graciously discounted their space. 
30+ Gamers stepped up and donated to the cause of paying for half the space cost. 
That’s when TokyoUSA, Inc (parent non-profit to OKgamers, Tokyo in Tulsa, Green Country Comics & Gaming) stepped in and met us half way – putting up the rest of the money now, so we can make this event official RIGHT NOWl!!

Our Saturday is saved! It’s Saturday REBOOT:

10am till 10pm
Tulsa Event Center
The Event Center is on the left side of the Clear Channel Building; park in front and walk to the left!
Location fee is $10 for ALL DAY admission (Paid through paypal? Bring your State or Photo ID so we can verify it’s you!!)

Confirmed To Be There:
1p.m. – League of Legends Tournament, 5v5 TOURNAMENT ($10 entry per person, 70%/20%/10%) (byo rig)

FPS Xbox 360 Tournaments ($20 entry per person, 70%/20%/10%)
FPS Tournaments start at 2p.m. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – 2v2
Halo 4 – 2v2

1p.m. – Super Street Fighter 4 AE: 2012 Xbox 360 Tournament ($5 entry per person, 70%/20%/10%)
SSF / Fighter rules here:
2p.m. – Mortal Kombat 9 – PS3 Tournament ($5 entry per person, 70%/20%/10%)

Fighter Freeplay for Soul Calibur 5 (ps3), Playstation All-Stars (ps3), Smash Bros?, Mortal Kombat and MORE!
Warhammer / Tabletop BYO
Console BYO while we have space left!

Free parking. Huge, awesome space space.
( Same place Minicon 6 happened, and many other events. )

OKgamers has several TO’s that will be present and free; we could add more console tournaments where there’s interest; we’ll have extra monitors with no lag, and also space. BYO tournaments are possible! (We will want to work off the ‘national standard’ for rules for whatever game, etc.)

Food & Charity??
Location Fee – Once we’ve paid our venue fee, any that goes over will be used for:
$20 to $100 over – we’ll buy refreshments
$101 to $500 over – we’ll buy pizza & refreshments
$500 over – we’ll buy refreshments, pizza and be donating the remainder towards an Anti-Violence charity, or the Sandy Hook charity group (Recent school shooting charity).

SATURDAY REBOOT – SAVE YOUR SATURDAY; SPREAD THE WORD, no flyers went out about this! We literally ‘saved this’ in just a few days; please make sure you share it with your friends!


Sponsors - 
Tokyo USA Inc – for fronting half the location fee ahead of time so we could have the event, and hardware use.

Tulsa Event Center – for their AWESOME treatment of the gaming community when we were in need! Make sure to show them some love; like their Facebook page, and share them with friends!!
Check em out:

Mobile Game Trucks – for bringing out the Gaming Truck and supporting the event!

Wholesale Computer Supply –  for providing various computer and console set ups! Make sure you stop by their booth!

EVEN MORE COMING SOON; keep your eye on the Facebook and Event!