Author Topic: Jenks ---- Magic FNM Friday Sept 3rd Plus Saturday Sept 4th "Holiday event!"  (Read 720 times)

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Friday Night Magic - 6:30, Sept. 3rd....

From the Vault Promotion, $4.00 entry. Prizes: FNM promos, From The Vault Relics, also 1 pack for every entry to be divided among the top 8 and random(s).
Everyone will win at Alien Games! Entries in both the FNM (Sept 3) & Saturday (Sept 4 @ 6:30) tournament, (must play in both tournaments to be eligible) will be entered for another Drawing for a prize on display at Alien Games after the Saturday tournament!

Come by the store for details. 918-296-7111 - 508 E "A" Street, Jenks
Alien Games, 508 E. "A" Street. Jenks (918) 296-7111