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Our normal Star Trek game has been put on a hold for a few weeks now and we will be starting a Space Master meet up opn Saturday nights. We have 5-8 players for this meetup. However, the GM is busy this coming Saturday, which allows me to run a setting I've been tinkering with for a few months, actually at various times my whole life, imagination wise. Its a post WW3 game set in the OKC Metro area and anywhere else play takes off. Similar to Fallout 3 with less emphasis on Mutants, more like I Am Legend meets Escape from New York. A mysterious neural virus has decimated all but a thrid of earth's population, and turned others into either homicidal ghouls or gifted ESP users (pscionics). Paramilitary orgs have claimed various territories and established survivalist enclaves, while the larger urban and wilderness areas hold the keys to the past and the future. The ESP'ers are considered earth's future by some, others see them as dangerous mutants that must be hunted and killed. GURPS Lite rules.

We will be playing Sat night at 5:30 pm until 9:30 or 10:00.  If you are interested in joining us for this game Sat night (Contagion) or our Space Master campaign, drop a line at

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Re: "Contagion" Post Apocalypse Table Top RPG, Sat Nite, 5:30 pm, Moore
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Me think's this is a gamers event - so long as it really does have a

location - game - date set... could be posted as well in the Tournaments and Events :)

Or we could just move this thread - however the title will need to be reformatted to

City - Event - Date


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