Oklahoma Local Gamer Group Resources

Events are great – but what about the private gatherings, or the weekly practice for your game?  Those get organized through groups like these!  This list has stated they are open to anyone joining.   These resources are here so you can find local players in your community!
What did each group stated they’d do? )

CCGConsoleTabletopPCCollege & Industry


Tulsa Magic Group - Link to Facebook Group
Unedited grouping of thoughts and collaborations of the Tulsa magic community, including but not limited to events, trading, strategy, and overall camaraderie.

Tulsa Yu-Gi-Oh! Players – Link to Facebook Group
A group of Yu-Gi-Oh! players from the local Tulsa area. They talk anything from battling to trading cards to going to competitions

Tulsa Pokemon League – Link to Facebook Group
Information about Saturday League and Sunday League will be posted here.
We will keep members posted on what may or may not happen in this group, and we will be able to tell the kids and parents what events may happen here at the leagues. We will ask that all parents please recommend the league to other parents and kids whom may want to join. Saturday Leagues are held at the new Alien Games in Jenks at the Riverwalk starting at 1PM and ending at 5PM. Sunday Leagues are held at Wizard’s Asylum which is located at 7165 South Mingo Road, Tulsa, OK this league is open from 1PM to 5PM. Please bring kids and don’t forget to have your kids register to the pokemon leagues they participate in to the pokemon website which will be listed here.

Ragnarok Gaming Group - Link to Facebook Group
We are gamers who meet a the Little Shoppe of Games at 5109 N. Shartel Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73118 for board and card games.


FPS Gamers in OklahomaLink to Facebook Group
This group is to help build awareness for tournaments and LANs for all shooters.
Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, Ghost Recon. Join us as we grow!

Oklahoma Tekkenites – Link to Facebook Group
Getting ready for some Tekken Tag 2!

Sports Gamers In Oklahoma – Link to Facebook Group
From Madden to FIFA, we play all the sport based games.

Metro Smash Bros. & GamingLink to Facebook Group
Smash Events in the Metro. Keep your chat with us open for updates on smashfests, tournaments, monthlies, power rankings, and other fighting game events.

Tulsa Soul Calibur PlayersLink to Facebook Group
Do you play Soul Calibur!? Are you in the Tulsa area often, or live near by? Join this group and find more competition, and find out about more gaming related events through OKgamers.com!

Oklahoma NRS Community - Link to Facebook Group
Where Oklahoma’s best NRS players gather! From Mortal Kombat to Injustice! Join to find out about local practices, and events they plan on attending.

Oklahoma Fighting Gamers - Link to Facebook Group
Play a Fighting Game?  You know online sucks.  Join this group to find your local FGC and plug in for weekly practices, gatherings, and info on local tournaments and more!


OKC WarS (Oklahoma City War-gaming Society)Link to Facebook Group
OKC WarS (www.okcwars.com) is a gaming club, where our members will be provided a location once a month for all of us to play. To join an event, it’s $5 for the entire day. We play many games ranging from Miniature games to Role Playing and Board Games. We do not do any Electronic form of gaming.

Tulsa Board Game Community – Link to Facebook Group
An open forum for anyone interested in playing Board Games in the greater Tulsa area. Feel free to join and invite others who have our love of board gaming in common.

Tabletop Gamers of Tulsa – Link to Facebook Group
A group of people in the Tulsa area interested in D&D and tabletop gaming. This is a family friendly group designed to help people find groups to play or host tabletop games. All ages and experiences welcome, but required to follow rules to maintain the family friendly environment. My wife and I are Christian people, but all are welcome as long as they follow rules. Grab your dice, your cheese doodles, and your energy drinks and lets play.

Tulsa Heroclix Group - Link to Facebook Group
Group of Heroclix players in Tulsa and Tulsa’s surrounding areas.

Ragnarok Gaming GroupLink to Facebook Group
We are gamers who meet a the Little Shoppe of Games at 5109 N. Shartel Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73118 for board and card games.

The Game Room - Link to Facebook Group
A group for organizing local, home-based gaming sessions, mainly roleplaying, miniatures, card and board gaming, anywhere in Oklahoma. Help us grow the community and connect with other gamers in and around your area!


League of Legends Oklahoma – Link to Facebook Group
Oklahoma League of Legends community and tournament news, player networking, and general discussion.

Oklahoma League of Legends PlayersLink to Facebook Group
A group for Oklahoma League of Legends players to discuss LoL and create premades.

Oklahoma Gamers GroupLink to their Website
Oklahoma’s longest running PC LAN party with monthly PC LAN events.

College Groups

1CoG(1 Community of Gamers – OU) - Link to Facebook Group
To bring gamers of all kinds, including Console, PC, and table-top, together, and to give them a way to connect with other gamers in the OU community.
We host LAN events every LAST friday of the month in CEC 205/206.

Gamers of OSU - Link to Facebook Group
An old organization being rebooted to unite gamers all across OSU. We represent anything from the casual minesweeper fan to the hardcore professional gamer. It’s really all about the social aspect of meeting people who share the same interests as you and getting to relax and play a few games in good company.
Meetings are every Thursday at 7:30 PM in CLB 201
Club Ventrillo:
Port: 5022
password: gamersofosu

Gamers of Tulsa Community College (TCC) - Link to Facebook Group
A new organization for gamers at TCC!


Oklahoma Gaming Industry

Oklahoma Game Developers – Link to Facebook Group
Oklahoma Game Developers is a group dedicated to the promotion of game developers from Oklahoma and their game projects. Are you a game developer living in Oklahoma? Are you interested in becoming a game developer in Oklahoma? If you are, we would like to get to know you.