What OKgamers offers the Hardcore Gamer

Welcome to our tour!  So you think your a hardcore gamer eh?  If you managed to click the wrong button, or surfed in via Google, let it be known there is also a tour for the Casual Gamers and Business or Venue Owner

Still reading?  Okay then:  over 6 years ago OKgamers.com was made for you.  The news, the papers, the radio – didn’t and still don’t cover anything gaming related.  It was ridiculous. It’s still ridiculous.

What’s worse: Tournaments and Events for YOUR GAME would happen right down the road, literally…  And you’d never even know. Sure, a buddy might tell you – 6 months later. The day after. When they got to your house from it… No one knew anything unless it came from a FLYER?

OKgamers.com – was put together to centralize Tournament info; 6+ years later it’s still doing it, and better than ever.

Why do I care about local tournaments?

The Hardcore Gamer loves to play their game; but they usually also care about at least one other thing:

  • Proving they are THE BEST at their game.
  • Raking in as much winnings as they can get.
  • Sponsorship from businesses so they can travel
  • Or D – all of the above.
Tournaments are the key to all of that.  Without winning a tournament, no one cares about the latest newb to show up stating “they are the best”; prove it, or move on.
You’ve gotta win, to get prizes.  Gotta have a record to be sponsored.
So? It all starts with tournaments. 

When do they happen?  All the time for various games; the problem is you never know when they’ll be posted. Keep a weekly eye on OKgamers.com - you never know what you’ll miss out on  otherwise!
PRO-TIP: Events are sometimes posted – 2 days before…
Don’t miss out – visit the site at least weekly, around Thursday or Friday. RSS enabled?  View the right sidebar under the Social Area. On Facebook? Like Us, so you can be kept in the know. Twitter and Youtube links are also there. 

Is OKgamers only Tournaments?  What about new local XBL competitions, or fun events like conventions, etc?

Oh – fun events are posted; same area as the tournaments. How about XBL and finding local players? Well there’s a whole Local Players Forum to help you. Can’t find your game? Start your own thread! (NOTE – forum separated by game types!!)

Wait, so how do I get sponsored?

Want to know how NOT TO GET SPONSORED? Going through OKgamers contact form, or spamming the forum asking us. THESE WILL NEVER EVER EVER LEAD YOU ANYWHERE GOOD.

We were literal before; tournaments are where you start. Once you’ve got a few event wins under your belt? Some sponsors come looking for you; sometimes through OKgamers, HxC Lan Center, or others. Keep active on the forums, and do not bother OKg about sponsorship. If a sponsor LITERALLY comes to us throwing away money? We’ll tell them to post it on the forums, or we’ll do it for them. It’ll ALWAYS - be on the forums; do not ask us about sponsorship – norly.


A new focus in 2012 for OKgamers – promoting the weekly gatherings. DnD and roleplaying gamers use OKgamers to find groups frequently; what many don’t know about - Fighting Gamers NEED fellow hardcore gamers to practice against – locally.  And?  They usually have a blast getting together every week to play, practice, and shoot the bull, so to speak.  FPS gamers are no different, however they often get together via the internet…  Looking for gatherings? They’ll be in the same place as the Tournaments…

So, what now?

Find a tournament for your game – and OWN. Start practicing up.  Join up – period.  Here’s your best list of links to get you started:

  • Tournaments?  Wanting to join a “Weekly Gathering” - they are all in our Tournaments and Events forum. Fair warning, we’ve seen events posted 2 days out; best rule of thumb is to check back Thursday or Fridays!
  • PRO-TIP - Check out the Hype and Planning forums - not only will they have events that are coming up and just not fully planned? You’ll find valuable Tournament and Event resources in there!
  • Need a new gaming team? Looking to fill that XBL list?  Check out the Local Players Forums - note they are broken into sections for various games. OKgamers supports all gamers in the OK area with this.
  • Need Volunteer Hours? Just want to help out by Volunteering?  Check out our Supporters Thread
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT: Never see your game at an event? Become a Community Lead, and change that. No, seriously – that is the path.

Want to help out, just not volunteer?  Let people know OKgamers even exists: 
- Tell a friend – maybe through Facebook!
- Join the forums – every Facebook Like, and Forum Member proves there’s that many more gamers in Oklahoma! The more gamers, the more awesome events Oklahoma will see!

Do you just like to have fun? Well, that’s not hardcore.  What you would be looking for is the Casual Gamers Tour.
Were you looking for how to post an event, or promote your tournament? Definitely check out the Business Owner Tour.

Still not sure?

We throw Promotional Events that are the best in the state. You can trust in those events.  If you don’t like something – volunteer and change it.  If you want your game, which has an actual community for it, and isn’t represented?  See the link above – Become a community Lead.

Seeing is believing - go check out our Facebook Photo Albums.  Do you see the green stuff gamers are holding? That’s cash; hundreds of dollars at a time, depending on the game. Do you see the random swag? That’s gamers getting free stuff; winning cellphones and guitars with less than 10 people to compete against! As for “prizes” – this year has some of the biggest ever handled by OKgamers! You should keep your attention on the forums, twitter, Facebook, etc. Welcome – hope ya don’t suck. No problem if you do; did we mention the Casual Gamer Tour?