OKgamers.com 3.0 Goes Live! For the most part…

Gamers, we know…  It’s been a long time coming!  However – OKgamers.com has FINALLY gotten it’s make over!

Well my fine friends; OKgamers is a non-profit – we charge zero dollars to the businesses we help.  We retain zero dollars for the events we do, aka Promotional Events.   Currently, we take in zero income; so work can come slow for those of trying to hold down jobs plus volunteer for OKg beyond our normal already large commitments!

…Speaking of commitments – have you SEEN what we’ve done in the last few years?

  • Maintained well over 20+ events a year that we helped or hosted
  • Expanded OKgamers functionality
  • Organized and staffed TWO 3 day Convention Gamerooms – at ONCE! (Ahh, August 2008, so crewl!)
  • Became an official 501.c3 Non-profit
  • Worked with Tokyo in Tulsa to throw some of the biggest bashes Oklahoma has ever seen!
  • Promoted volunteering to college kids in Tulsa and OKC
  • Expanded OKgamers staffing, and rules
  • Held down our jobs :)

And on and on.  It’s been – quite the journey.

Anyway, as we roll out the new 3.0, well really 3.2 – we will be filling some content as we go along the way.  Why?  Well, we have these BRAND NEW FLIERS – and of course wanted to show them off at our first Promotional Event of the year; Sapulpa would be mad!  So, that deadline meant getting the site revamped, but not being able to fill out all the content needed…

Be patient – it’s on it’s way!

In the meantime – did you KNOW we have a Facebook (<– that’s where all our PHOTOS ARE HIDING!)?!  A Youtube Page?  Twitter.  On and on – explore all the things the old site had hidden away; and keep an eye out – else you might miss out!

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