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If you’ve read anything about Oklahoma Gamers, you’ve probably caught onto at least one of 2 concepts:

  • OKgamers works with area businesses, venues, or gaming communities for the mutual benefit of all involved: Gamers get more events and an opportunity to expand their communities, OKgamers gets exposure for it’s event resource, and event partners get attention. A “Win-Win”.
  • OKgamers is a 501.c3, but not financially backed; thus we do these events with our connections, or event partners to “Get the word out about OKgamers” as grassroots marketing for our Event Calendar resource.

Whether by request or simply because OKgamers has an opportunity to, any event organized and staffed by volunteers is referred to as a Promotional Event.  

ULTIMATELY: OKgamers does not create Promotional Events to duplicate or compete with the local community.   We may include “every game genre” at major events and conventions; otherwise we only organize some games at small events to avoid competing.

What should you know?

As a Casual Gamer – these often work out to be some of biggest gaming events during the year; from local game launches to entire gaming conventions, we encourage you to keep an eye out!

As a Hardcore Gamer – these events follow National standards; as a result we’ve made a clear Standards document we have groups sign off on before working with them.  What this means – whether you are traveling in from out of state or just down the road, an OKgamers Promotional Event aims to be ran properly; worthy of your attention and attendance.

As a Business or Venue owner – we’ll work with you to host a Promotional Event, yes, literally for free.  (Course, we love free stuff for our volunteers!)  We make our decision to do these events with you based on 4 easy calls:

  • Have you approached us with 1 month (30 days) or more out from your required date?  If we can’t plan and promote the event, we don’t get the “promotional value” out of it; worse it can backfire and hurt the community.  
  • What else have we scheduled; we need to make sure your event isn’t double booking an existing Promotional Event.  We can’t ask our volunteers to work 3 straight weekends, etc.
  • Scope: Can we support the event you’ve requested?  Will we have the resources, manpower, etc.   ( NOTE:  We only work in the Oklahoma area; if you need help outside the state, we know people – feel free to contact us. )
  • After reviewing our Standards document, do you have any major concerns?

Need to talk to us about a Promotional Event?  Please Contact Us to start the process.

Gamer Helping Gamer:  Literal Community Involvement
If you are in the Tulsa or OKC area, we may also use students as volunteers to bolster our ranks.  This literally means working with us helps promote community involvement to gamers: every event we work with a volunteer is a chance to show how “volunteering isn’t all shoveling mud” – community improvement starts with us, and can be a lot of fun!


Don’t need us to “run the show” – just need consultation; a little helping hand in the right direction?  We’ll more than happily help where we can – just contact us!

Friends of OKgamers
Thankful for our Promotional Events, and want to help us help the community?  
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