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Blood Bowl Tournament

October 13, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Note: This may be modified, we may do NAF, We are just going to give this a shot and using the local GT's (Slobberknocker) rules for this . That said, here we :


Blood Bowl Tournament Primer

General Rules

Blood Bowl is a 3 game, Swiss Pairing tournament with 1 round of random pairings and 2 rounds of matchmade pairings.
Rounds times will be 2 Hours, plus setup and reporting of scores.
Illegal Procedure is not in effect, however games that risk going over time may be subject to timed rounds with an immediate “dice down” for players that go over turn timers. We will have some clocks on hand to facilitate this should it come up.

Special Rules

• They automatically work! Place the injured player in your Reserves Box.
• You do not pay the additional 30,000 gold fee when hiring mercenaries.
• Teams are given a Tournament petty cash bankroll of 500,000 for the entire tournament. You cannot spend more than 250,000 in one round. Once the money is used, it's gone. Do not roll for petty cash mishaps after the game.
• Bankroll purchases are made during round setup using a Bankroll sheet assigned to a player before the tournament begins. To use their bankroll, players use the following steps.
1. Flip a coin. The winning player bids an amount to spend from bankroll. The losing player then bids an amount.
2. The winner of the coin flip may choose to raise their bid to match their opponent if they so wish.
3. Both players purchase their inducements on the sheet in secret, then reveal them to each other at the same time when they are complete.
4. Scoring
Wins: 30 points.
Ties: 15 points.
Losses: 5 points.

Tiebreakers: Each touchdown, casualty inflicted (via blocks), and increment of 100,000 left in your bankroll add 1 point to your tiebreaker pool at the end of the tournament. You also gain 1 point once for any of the following achievements.

Shutout: Hold your opponent to 0 points.

Hat Trick: Score 3 touchdowns in one match.

Highlight Reel: Score a touchdown that requires 10 squares of forward movement/passing.

Apothecary's Best Friend: Inflict 4 casualties as a result of blocks or fouls in a single match.

Team Building Rules
• Tournament will be “Resurrection Style” (rosters reset after each round).
• You are given 1,000,000 gold pieces to build your team using CRP team lists, Legendary Teams, or the three additional Teams approved by the Blood Bowl rules committee (Chaos Pact, Slann, Underworld). All rules used will be the most recent printing and errata, to include issues such as Human Catcher costs, Arguing the Call (Must have a coach model!), and so on. EXCEPTION: Piling on will use the old rules, per NAF sanction requirements.
• You MUST have at least 11 players on your regular roster, before the purchase of mercenaries round to round.
• You may purchase players, re-rolls, fan factor, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, and an apothecary as normal.
• Special Play Cards are NOT ALLOWED. Wizards are NOT ALLOWED.
• You may purchase Star Players as part of your starting Roster. You must use the most recent printing of any Star Player.
• If two coaches would have the same Star Player in a game, BOTH Star Players may take the field.
• Stunty teams receive an additional 100,000 gold pieces for team creation.

Additional Skills
• After team creation you are given 120,000 gold pieces to purchase skills and assign them to your players. Star players may not be upgraded.
• Skills a player could take on a Regular Upgrade cost 20k.
• Skills a player could take on a Doubles Upgrade cost 30k.
• You MAY NOT purchase Stat Increases.
• There is no restriction to how many additional skills a player may have (i.e. you may put all 120k onto a single player).
• There is no restriction on purchasing the same skill (i.e. You may give 6 of your Amazon Linewomen Block).
• Teams that qualify for the Stunty Cup may purchase skills that they would normally gain on a Doubles Upgrade for 20k, if that skill is given to a player with the stunty or titchy rule.


October 13, 2018
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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New World Games & Comics
4435 SE 29th St
Del City, OK 73115 United States
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(405) 677-2559

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