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General Chat / Representing GXC Broken Arrow
« on: March 21, 2013, 08:56:34 pm »
Hello world,

I am OHKOYO, r3p3a7, ishaboi, fappest, and sometimes "[email protected] depending on the platform and my mood. I pretty much only play games on my PC computer anymore, though. So far this year, I have only been playing Dark Souls, Chivalry, and Enemy Territory. 

I work at GameXchange in Broken Arrow and I have been given permission to hold a bit of an event. I saw that most everyone uses FB and the /events these days, but I sell old school games and I want to reward those who kick it old school in the forums. Stop by the GameXchange location in Broken Arrow and mention this post for instant street cred and saving...

--Cartridges sports titles marked $2.95 or less for $0.50
--All cartridge games out on sales floor buy 2 get 1 free (excludes rare or collectible games stored in glass cases)
--Rare and Collectible cartridges 10% off

*sales and promotion limited to Broken Arrow location only
**restrictions may apply
***limited time only

Also, we have stopped using our box art for old cartridge games to show what titles we have in stock, and we have put out a lot of our box art out for sale at $1.95. There are a dozen or so boxes we are asking a bit more for. We also have a few titles with cart and box. Note: Boxes may or may not include instructions, inserts, etc.

Stop by if you are looking for the box art for any particular titles. Unfortunately, our stock of boxes are not in alphabetical order, so we cannot really assist you over the phone should you be looking for specific boxes. But I don't believe there are any rare titles left.

This offer is limited only to those that know about it and there will not by any signs up for this sale, so please read carefully  the details before coming in or print off this post. The tentative end of this off will be April 15, 2013.

Take 'er easy and abide like "The Dude".

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