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Tournament Planning and Hype / ***** HALO REUNION *****
« on: December 21, 2012, 03:26:35 pm »
Well well well, you miss me......I love you too! As I enter the Walmart's and Target's of the world and pass by the gaming section; there is an incomprehensible and nostalgic aura that beams at me when I pass by. This invisible and yet realistic beam shines before my eyes and it is when this fusion occurs that the great memories of playing with my long lost friends leaves my inner feminist to tears. Each one of these friends has their own story and relationship with me and until now, I have suppressed these "tears." From me no-scoping Raider while smiling at Timmy Skorcher, to watching a adolescent girl destroy a whole team with everyone in disbelief, I am wanting to relive some of these moments that I miss as a teen.

Did you like that? ^^^^ lol

I know many of the people that played in the past have grown up and will not see this message, but if some of you are still in contact with these "expatriots," tell them that we need to get a tourney started, just like old times but with the new game.

Halo 4 4v4 and/or FFA
Date: ??????(need to know whose all coming)
Money: Since some of you have jobs now and think the "normal", amount is too low, we can play for whatever everyone agrees on.

Let me know if you need my contact info, I will pm you my number.

Thanks all,
Remember kiddies.........NEEEEXXXTTT!

General Chat / 2 months $10,000!
« on: April 12, 2010, 04:40:58 pm »
Some of you may have been wondering where ive been in the past few months....well besides some personal issues, ive been grinding out hours and hours trying to get better at poker. Kinda like if one of you had been playing 1v1 octagons for hours on end lol. So far it has been a good year with profits close to the $5,000 mark. Like the halo community here i have joined a community like ours here but poker related. Me, along with 2 guys are trying to make a goal for ourselves and broadcast it for other small stakes players. The goal is simple, to reach $10,000 in profit between the 3 of us. This little escapade is a ripoff of the g4 show 2 months 2 million All of our play is based in straight live casino play since online it wouldn't too hard due to the amount of hands per hour you can see.
We are in the middle of our challenge and the end date is June 15. If we do reach our goal each of us will play in the $1500 buy-in WSOP tournament in Las Vegas that weekend.
So far we are at about $3,000 with $1800 of that belonging to me. Anyways, wish us luck and we will be posting videos and blogs on our website coming soon.

O yeah, I sold my xbox but will be buying one soon so that i can play Reach with you guys. Lol
Congratz to Made You Look in Nashville and I hope you guys can keep it up so that i can say that i raised a semipro(chad) lmao

If anyone wants to get into poker or learn about the game or have questions in general either post in here or go to these links.

so we need a team name....NAO!  plz..........I will buy someone lunch in dallas if they come up with one....o ya and free lessons....

General Chat / Dying leukaemia patient
« on: March 05, 2009, 10:20:21 am »
Wow. Article may contain violent images, viewers discretion advise

« on: January 21, 2009, 04:53:15 pm »
I you can beat this song(with no cheats) I will give you my 360. no lie

Starts around 9pm and will end 9am on Monday


What you need to bring:
Ethernet cord
Surge Protector
Game(Halo3/Gears2/Guitar hero)
Food(or eat before you go)
1 dollar(venue fee)

We will be playing games all night basically until everyone gets tired. If you are a little kid and your parents are worried then rest assured that the persons place that we are going to is a registered officer. So that being said:

No smoking inside
No alcohol inside
No illegal drugs

Me and Jterminator will be playing anyone in our games(halo 3 and guitar hero respectively) in 1v1 matches. You will win your dollar back if you can beat us the first time. The second time we will pay you 5 dollars and then the third obviously 10 dollars. Consider it as a mini tournament!?!

But anways, now that we got that out of the way.....We want to have 16 people so we can have 2 4v4 stations going on. If we cant have it then thats fine.

ok kiddies its time to lan!!! We have all winter break and we have a perfect house(which is completely empty). We have all the cables and everything. I will set a date; which will most likely be late December. You must be invited to this event unless I speak to you personally. For those of you on here that want to kick back and have fun; then come on! Lol. We will have the best halo/gears/guitar hero players here. O, We can lan other games if you guys wish.
We may run a tourney if some of you would like. We will try to have two stations(16 setups) going on so that games will go by quickly.
 The people going so far are(I will write confirmed if I know they are going for sure):

The Oklahomies:

G Wade
DrWalter - confirmed 
DrViper - confirmed?
HyPn07iC - confirmed
Mystique - confirmed?
LoveSpell - confirmed?

Raider - confirmed
Holy Spartan
Mizerk - confirmed
Simiyic - confirmed
Jterminator - confirmed
Timmy Skorcher
Gonnie Gunna
Pac Man

Will add your name to list if you post reply.

General Chat / Official SCIV Adopt a Noob!!!!!
« on: August 30, 2008, 02:51:40 am »
well im trying to get nasty at this game.....which one of you pros wants to get me return ill actually get you a 50 in halo.


alot of you dont have h2.......10 bucks this week.....We can now have h2 lans now!!!

Thread Archives / Last attempt to look for a h3 local team.
« on: May 08, 2008, 12:31:53 pm »
i havent played in a while because there isnt anyone serious here but a lot of people keep telling me otherwise.


oO HyPnO7iC Oo(all the o's are letters)
Simiyic(tell him hypnotic sent you)

Right now it consists of:

Hypnotic(Hayleys if i see you touch her at a lan then you know there will be problems...........ROFL)
Simiyic(Baby Hypno)

I know this is asking for too much but has a sense of humor but knows when to actually be mature(That means people who whine when they get out br'ed and blame it on lag..suck it up and play....or things that dont go their way)

Self motivated and dedicated(If we lose a game, doesnt get down and want to quit and also doesnt need people to tell them they are good)

have an open schedule when it comes to getting on

actually want to go to another MLG event besides dallas.

I actually want someone on my skill level(Im sorry but I get tired of carrying kids...not trying to sound conceited or anything) or above my skill level(Recommended)

I dont mind trash talkers but I do not want people that judge people on their sex,religion,race,color(basically open minded people which should be pretty much everyone of this generation.)

Is willing to go to local lans(We have local lans every week here and please at least be able to go to some of them.)

Im sorry if this is asking for too much but I really want to go to mlg to play serious at least once in my life.

General Chat / i find it funny
« on: April 01, 2008, 03:42:33 pm »
that they are doing this as a joke but this layout looks BETTER then the old one......ironic???

General Chat / XB360 RPG's much?
« on: March 25, 2008, 12:54:57 am »
who here plays them and which ones do you like the best?

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