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Awwwwww snap!

Yea, we pulled out of the online event cuz of roster issues, but the new Fallout for MLG Dallas will be at the live event. Hit me up for some scrims or 1v1's (I suck)

Stuff like this happens, we will most likely be at the live event with two new players.

Team Name: FALLOUT
Team Members: c NiNE, KRONEN, Fuzion, Fearist
Team Captain: Fearist
Contact Information: [email protected] XBL GT: Fearist

Besides the power issue, this tournament (H3) was run really nicely. I had a great time and am looking forward to the next tourney. Congrats to Hump for winning the FFA, the kid is a beaste, and congrats to Oklahomies for winning the 4's. We'll spread the word down here in Dallas and get more people to come and stop going to that horrible excuse of a tournament they call King of the Couch. What a joke!

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