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Tournament Planning and Hype / We need a Lan or a Local
« on: April 01, 2012, 03:44:07 pm »
Ok so Halo is obviously coming back in Oklahoma and in general. Last weekend we tried to set up an 8 person lan at my house, sadly it fell through. I recently just came back to halo myself and I feel like our community is coming back to life. I just want to say that if we had a lan or another local the turnout would be good. I know alot of people from Oklahoma want to lan, but the 3 hour drive to someones place just isnt fun.. I live in Weatherford, and I know its kind of far, but im always wanting to lan. And if anyone wants to lan or set one up here im down. I could have probably 16 people max, thats 4 teams. I have tables, a spare room and everything needed to lan. So we need to get together and either make a lan happen, or make a local happen. We should try to plan the lan several weeks in advanced so that everyone can make it. We should also post a thread on here about the lan, and send messages out to halo players from Oklahoma who may be interested in lanning. I just really want another tourney in Oklahoma to happen, and we can make it happen. There are people from Oklahoma that if team could easily beat any of the teams that come from out of state. So I say we put Oklahoma back on the map.

                                     Sincerely, RRyox


PC Gamers / World of Warcraft!! (New)
« on: May 30, 2010, 06:18:41 pm »
I know there is already a thread about World of Warcraft. I felt the other one was a little outdated, and not that many people Listed on it! So please players of Oklahoma list.   

Character Name:

Character Server:

Character Level:

Im just curious who out there still plays Wow.

Please do it for little baby Riox

Btw I play I have 5 80's

Priest, Paladin, Warrior, Shaman, Warlock..  I am also pro at Arena. Get at me..

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