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I...don't...think it was SUPPOSED to be sarcastic...

my $5 dollar ffa plaque would like a word with you.....

P.S Kenny said "C.J got carried at the last LAN Hahahaha"

work on your sarcasm plz

so we need a team name....NAO!  plz..........I will buy someone lunch in dallas if they come up with one....o ya and free lessons....

now now children thats enough........i dont remember chad getting carried....if anything i got carried the last two games.....

General Chat / Re: Anybody Play Texas Hold'em?
« on: July 20, 2009, 11:53:29 am »
you know i will play.....there are 3 noobs that play by the name of caddy,amp,dreamz that play....i wouldnt mind taking there money either

oh thats right your a consistent money winner at locals shut the fk up ive made more than you from locals   ???

are you ♥♥♥♥♥ kidding me caddy......if the last tournament i won paid only 1 DOLLAR i would have surpassed the amount of money youve EVER won at ANY local.........when g wade told you that you would "never win" what part of that did you not understand?

i said i wasnt gonna post again until i read caddys little "low blow"

Well Team Birth Control is looking for 1 for this Local... Looking for someone RAW AS snugglepuff...

From... Some Shadiness... That has happened on the scene.... Just listened to mad **** talk from Viper, and Hypnotic told him to boot me fromt he party? which he didnt... but still indeed... that was fu**ed up.... This is getting out of hand.... And the opportunity you had at hand... ROFL... You wasted it.

... Its cool ... We'll Bounce back ...

Be ready for me to shut a lot of you ****s up.

Lol im shady? Since when is RUNNING GAMES with someone and not choosing to team with them being shady? And how is it funny if I wasted it? I guess im the dumbest person ever then huh. Whatever, this is dumb.....its just a local...not mlg vegas 09.......

lol i told cj to stay that it was rhymes with lady :-\

and you need to stfu and actually win money at a local for once.

Im surprised all of you are actually doubting walters makes me sick.....if you look at his track record you see what he has done recently and even way be when. Like Timmy skorcher says, HES THE BLUE THING FROM X-MEN. I appreciate many of you acknowledging that I have gotten better and really smart at the game but I guess with all of the new faces in the community now many of you are forgetting how good he really is. If ANY of you have any doubts, beat him 1v1. Matter of fact, name 3 people that can.........dont worry...ill wait........  Anyways Im really surprised by the amount of people that I thought were "friends" decide to talk trash to me on a personal level after I make certain decisions.(no im not talking about you reese) That would be MY definition of shady if you ask me.
I will not post anymore until after the tournament do to the immaturity of some people.

good luck to everyone at the tournament, I wish everyone the best....and fred I know you are still having trouble coughing from the extreme amount of choking you did last tournament....try to keep it at a minimum this time around! lol jp <3

-The Black Mamba

g wade

to take 1st this tournament....... we will run through everyone.......if we dont i will let anyone what we lose to get the chance to sign my FFA plaque, Free of charge.

raider.....we are going to run through your team.

The Team....

Team Birth Control for the Local is set. =)

Good luck kiddos hehehhe.

Improve... Steeel
?????? hehehe.

it doesnt matter who you get, you still will get knocked out 1st round like last time!

My Team > any H3 players in ok


First Person Shooters / Re: Capture while using VGA cable
« on: July 02, 2009, 02:22:11 pm »
you guys need to stream some games in at the next tournament

im coming for you ricky!

F/A for this tourney

Hopefully steel and affliction paid me back for all my online talk lol we are even or close. I think fred is not going to play anymore aka soundout so idk but we had that tourney won.  :'(
gg mccool for stepping it up and drv killed me everytime or so i think

I just got matched up with yoda in mlg and all he did was talk smack said he would have won 1v1 with guardian and that his team will win the next local. Don't feel sorry for that kid hes a 8IIIIIIIIIIID

he would have won if it was on guardian? this is coming from the person who said he could 15-0 ME ON ANY MAP

what halo 3 players are going to this? I wanna go!

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