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Last meeting of 2008 - OKgamers Meeting - 11/23/08

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About Meetings - OKgamers - is a site for gamers in Oklahoma.  As a result, we gather together and have meetings to get feedback and input from local gamers and staff as to where we should go with situations, etc.    (Should you attend? See "WHO" below.)

About This Meeting
As the last meeting - this needs to serve to clear up any 2008 efforts, and answer questions people have.  Think - tieing up loose strings, and getting ready to move into our planning for 09.  (09 planning Meeting - on a Sunday, 12/21st - 1/18 area lol, staff reviewing dates now.)

WHEN: November 23rd, 2008 - Sunday, 1pm
WHERE: Downtown Joe Momma's Pizza
112 S. Elgin
Tulsa, OK 74120
[ Google Maps Link ]

Anyone interested in the points being discussed.
New to the site?  This is a great way to find out what goes on behind the scenes, and how to get more involved.
STAFF - Are encouraged to attend if possible.
NO HALOEZ - this is not a "push your game needing more events" meeting.  This is about OKgamers - the site and our efforts, not a pitch your event meeting Smiley

Not in the Tulsa area and can't make it?  We'll do our best to have it streamed online for out of towners.  Check this thread for a link to the broadcast.  If we have problems with the resturants wireless, etc, we won't be able to post, but will do our best.

Fair warning - we run this with a professional or business attitude.  Fun? Sure.  But we keep things on track as we rarely do these, and need to be productive.

IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING THE 09 MEETING - TRY AND MAKE THIS ONE TOO - as part of 'tieing up strings' is getting people into the curve, and ready to think forwards, and not backwards.  We've given 3 weeks on this, so please ask off work, etc Wink

1pm - Settle in, order food and get past introductions.
1:15pm - A brief history of OKgamers, and what we are currently doing
1:30pm - Start the meeting points
4 to 5pm - finish up.  If we have alot to discuss, and people interested in going longer, we may.  It's all about getting the points covered.


NEW STYLE - Edit in notes to this, live? So that when the 'meeting is over' the notes go straight to the thread?

Old Business - Review past meeting improvements:
2 Monthlies - a review to continue.
- definiteley need flyers

NVGA Tournament / Ranking software - update
Resources - uhh...  Yea?
Local Players changes... **SMF example - here**
-CHILD BOARDS CALLED FPS, fighters, tabletop, and ETC under local players

Role playing Board games Video games Card games Computer gaming vs
Role playing Tabletop games Video games Computer gaming
Role playing
Tabletop games
Video games
vs tabletop and video games
vs   console PC tabletop

New Business - Things to discuss:

The "S in A" issue - to present staff, mods

OKGAMERS - DIRECTION////////////////////
NO (same date as TnT)= New Anime Con / Event - In KS?  Can OKgamers do it, Should we, Etc.

= New Anime Con / Event - In Fayetville - Ravenwood. Can OKgamers do it, Should we, Etc.
-okgamers will only organize in the state but will consider volunteering to "help" in the surrounding states

Gaming vs Gamers - Casual vs Hardcore events discussion
Staff communication - event expectations
Events - a clear package of expectations, requirements, and requests for publicity and staff
As a requirement of okgamers helping organize a tournament there mus be clear cut rules, entry, and payouts.
as a requirement that they make a declare whether gamers or gaming, hardcore Vs casuals
NON-Profit - talking about what maybe we should do...  Wrestle an accountant/consultant into place?
YES talk to furyswrath about connections to accountant

Sign up Drive - putting focus on signing up to improve
2009 meeting

Film - should we have more currently?
 discuss with daniel for increasing film crew
Hotel - getting discounted rates for gamers that travel for events.
review after non profit status
Shirt designs - review, decide on voting or not

5 for no zip
4 for zip

RANKING SOFTWARE - how it displays on OKgamers, who can use it, etc

FRIENDS - A page on the main site, 2 types, with basic being those that use the site, and full info, links, addy - for "item and venue" hosts, etc.

STAFF - get photos / blah on the staff section?
 Ask for bios and see if they want to submit there own pictures, also add age and ask for two questions

RE-DEFINING "BUSINESS" Class - requiring a venue, or publication?  Allowing for special circumstances under what basis?
 Will require either venue that they hold events at or if they are a business that faclilitates events and tournaments
Businesses - gaining and translating clarity on respect issues experienced in the forums
Businesses - a new forum for them to post to gamers, or simply encouraging them to use forums... if so - chat or local or?The only place businesses are allowed to SPAM is under general chat thread

Community Leaders - helping or hurting, a review of new class
Delete the status, change business forum rules for staff that are helping to organize, make a thread in business forum to communicate how to get help from okgamers staff. made clear that bussinesses start the threads.

TOURNY & EVENTS - posting ONLY through form, and what requirements?  Re-inforcing location / date policy?
Strictly enforce in the tournaments and events and go with the forms
Events - what we ask of posters as far as cancellation?  2 days, 1 week, etc.
 Request two weeks for cancellation and encourage two weeks notice before tourney

Public warnings to show or not show warning level, how long till they expire.
CARD SYSTEM!!! 1 infractions lasts one month, another infraction adds another month so on so forth. 3rd one is temp ban for a week once you come back your two month timer will start again.

Cursing - final call on what words go into the **** category, and are filtered out
REview warning systems!

COC / Read Me in Tourny - Updating the Read Me to reflect all this, and be more straight to the point.

COC - "If you don't have anything nice to say..." policy addition - aka, constant "can't make it" posting, detering comments being prohibited?

COC - / style coc?  Prohibiting conversation topics that go awry such as religion, etc?

Content via Coolsvilla - Reviewing CoC for users and staff

News ticker - OMG update?

Points system - rewards etc?
NO, return to post non profit



--- Quote ---NO HALOEZ - this is not a "push your game needing more events" meeting.  This is about OKgamers - the site and our efforts, not a pitch your event meeting
--- End quote ---
What? ? ? ? ? I thought everything was about Haloez? omg my life is out of order now. Shaken to it's very foundation. 0_0

And downtown? =/ *doesn't like going downtown*


Well it's off 1st and Elgin, and Elgin is easy.  It's super easy / we can carpool / caravan / etc.

Repeat after me:
Hwy 51 (the 'ba') towards downtown.
Take the 75 north exit, but do not merge.
Immediately take the exit on your right, to 7th street.

Once your off the ramp and on the street, the first cross street you'll have to stop at is Elgin.  Turn Right.

Joe Momma's will be about 5 blocks down, on your left.  SIMPLE!

BA to downtown, right onto 75, immediately right again onto 7th.  Right onto Elign, Joe's on your left.




This will be at downtown Joe Momma's!  It's a great location, and we'll have both wifi, and good [email protected]#


Lol ill try to go but i probably cant.


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