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OKgamers Supporters: Who we are, what they do, and how you can help out!


X_A: - is a community site for gamers in the Oklahoma area. 

Casual gamers - can find others to converse with, play more games with, and breaking gaming news.
Hardcore gamers - can find everything the casual gamer does, plus the Competition section to strengthen and test their games with tournaments and events!
Businesses - have a free solution to contact gamers locally about their events, and even have help throwing their events! has become the success it is, and grows to improve day by day through the efforts of gamers in Oklahoma that want to improve Oklahoma and it's gaming scene!

While one person can make a difference, it takes many people to change a state.  OKgamers started out as a small effort to improve communication between gamers - now we aid in tournaments across the state, help plan huge events, and work with businesses and gamers to make Oklahoma more of a home to gamers!

Gaming for a Cure.  Gamers against Violence.  Tokyo in Tulsa.  Minicon.  Izumicon.  Nakacon.  Defcon.  Soul Calibur 4 Regionals. 
These are just a FEW of the events OKgamers has helped with and will be helping with in the future - things that wouldn't have been or won't be AS GREAT without Oklahoma gamers SUCH AS YOURSELF - helping us out.  Current and past supporters - you have our thanks!


Why do we do it? is a COMMUNITY - gamers coming together for their casual, and hardcore needs.  However, in order for it to be a success - gamers need to KNOW about the site to use it, making it a better and bigger resource!

...however we are not a business, or directly funded.  We are all just gamers like you. 

So we throw tournaments - for our active gaming communities.
So we help with events - so local businesses can have even better events, and local gamers can have fun.

So - while we can't BUY marketing, we can do grassroot promoting so we can get the word out about the site, so gamers find it, use it, and it becomes better and better!


We need people of all ages excited about our goals, wanting to get the word out about!  Daunting?  Just realize, every supporter, Mod or TO started out just like you - a random gamer who found the site.  And like we did, we are sure you have plenty of reasons to help:

-- How we help you
* Tired of OK not being what you want it to be?  We need your perspective, guidance, and two cents on matters of gamers in Oklahoma
* Want to see Oklahoma improve?  We need manpower on 4 fronts - online general, tournament support, planning committees, and street crew!
* Are we making mistakes in your eyes? Not doing something right?  Join us and help us improve.
* Are you going to college?  If you go to TCC, OSU-Tulsa, or any college in the Tulsa or OKC area that works with / Volunteer Central you can help us and GET YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS THROUGH HELPING GAMING IN OKLAHOMA! (More on the Volunteer Central thread)
* We often gain free access, swag and other perks through aiding and helping events
* Need to bulk up your personal resume for that next big job interview?  What sounds better than community service?

-- How you can help us

The reasons -
Let's face it - charges NO MONEY for use, and never will.  However, we need to get the word out about the site!  So we throw and help with events - and we are only as good as the gamers helping us out there.  We can only plan well for the games we have supporters to help us plan.  We can only anticipate and strategize with the talent that helps plan OKgamers next moves.  We only have the man power to improve the site, and make it more valuable - when we have the people to help us.  Because we need to improve to meet the growing needs and hit the goal of Oklahoma being a better place? We need you.

The actual roles -
What do we need you to do? You can signup for 4 general categories, with a 5th "make your own..."
 - ONLINE GENERAL - Whether your in the panhandle, or right down the street, you can provide valuable feedback in our constantly changing Supporter forum - where all issues are brought up first, and inside peeks into our planning and staging happens.  WE NEED FEEDBACK - and that's through this online supporter forum - we need you. (And yes, after a period of time, we recruit Moderators from this group, and the others.)

 - TOURNAMENT SUPPORTERS - Let's face it - we make our BIGGEST IMPACT - through throwing and organizing events, and lending manpower and resources to businesses and events wanting to have tournaments and gamers come out.  Tournament supporters are just that - the people that come out, put events together, run them, and then tear them down afterwards.  They are the front faces of OKgamers, and usually the guys wearing the shirts.  Want to make a real difference in your community right now - we need you.

 - PLANNING COMMITTEES - Some people think they know it all - the organizers of OKgamers are far from that.  We range from 17 to mid-30's and up - and know we STILL aren't in touch with every angle of gaming Oklahoma has to offer.  Are we doing something wrong? Do you have an opinion? Sign up, watch for meetings, and actively work that supporters section because  we really need your thoughts and input.

 - TOURNAMENT ORGANIZERS - Our newest category, and much like the Moderators, in that you cannot signup directly for this group.  These are the movers and shakers of our events - hand picked as they came up in their various supporting roles, we've chosen these every day gamers for their commitment to and their love of community to help us make sure events run smoothly, and help improve our online community!

 - STREET CREW - You cannot imagine how many people have seen flyers for OKgamers events.  However, those flyers didn't get to the stores they rest in by themselves.  If you work at, live near, or simply want to help getting the word out - we need dedicated street crew to work with us and HELP GET THE WORD OUT.  Seriously, from flyers, to posters, to working with the street crew Lead on where you hit with how many flyers - we need you.

 - MAKE YOUR OWN?! - Like we mentioned on the committee side, we aren't perfect, nor do we think we know it all.  Are we missing your set of talents?  Can you help us improve Oklahoma in even the slightest way? Improve our efforts? Add to our goals of Oklahoma not sucking? We like you.  We want to work with you.  Seriously.  From voice actors to video producers to whatever you are.  We don't turn down the opportunity to work with talent.  We don't CARE if your building your portfolio - we welcome it.  We don't care if you are using us to get experience to get around the catch-22 of "work experience before your first job" - we'll even write up a lovely recommendation letter. 

We care about improving Oklahoma.  We are doing it.  We could use your help.  You down?

(If your down - and have read this and our 'fair warning' below please click here to fill out our Supporter form - and let's get this thing going.)


FAIR WARNING - being a supporter come at a price.  We ask anyone that gains the title 'supporter' to remember - they may become viewed as 'the man' on the forums.  We all get frustrated with the occasional poster, or latest 'troll' on the block - but as an official supporter we ask you to set a standard of following the forum rules.  It's E-for-everyone around here - so cursing, etc, is asked to be avoided.  We remind supporters not all gamers are 18, and all parents have the right to surf the site and not feel like it's a threat to their family. 

Beyond 'code of conduct' matters supporters are just like everyone else - with the exception now you have access to any new information that hits the OKgamers front.  You help us lead the OKgamers towards improving Oklahoma.  You are the 'go to people' for Tulsa's organizer Saif aka X A, and OKC's organizer Sammy aka Furyswrath.  You join us as we struggle to stop wishing, and start acting.

You game?


im guessin this is what you were telling me to go to... lol but yeah as for gaming i know we have alot of people that are mw2 at least that play here in edmond and play and trade had a tourney 2 weeks ago i guess and had 24 doubles teams sign up so i would like to try to get more events here in the edmond area and they were all saying the same thing theres not enough going on around here and theres plenty of support for there to be


Looking to help your community, long term?  (not just say one event, etc.)  Want to work closely with OKgamers to get that done?  Being a Supporter is the way to do that!

(Well, and being a Supporter is also a way to help shape OKgamers guiding our decisions, and be in the know when we are doing events to help with them, etc - just shows Supporter status has a lot of options lol.)

If you read above there are some guidelines we ask you to follow - as working with us means adhering to the policy of "E for Everyone" the website must maintain to be the resource it is.

If your down with that - there is a form to follow through, and we can get you going as a Supporter!


I think this is a good place (forum) and what you do is very good. I am actually interested to be a volunteer.


We are doing what we can!  Helping with our "Promotional Events" can really depend on what city you live in, and how far you are able to travel.  That aside, online we have plenty of room for help! 

We welcome the help; just read through the first post, fill out the form, etc!



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