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well the most complaints i get is about becoming a member and signing up... sorry saif... not all my friends are as dumb as the ones who continually ask me questions about signing up... carma for me from volunteering at TCAX huh saif? but all in all i like the way the site runs


It's 'karma' lol ;)

Anyway - the complaint is that they have to?  Because..  uh they don't.  We love for people to take a few minutes to sign up, because it PROVES THEY EVEN EXIST, but beyond that, and our recent promotions, there is no requirement on using the site and being a member.  It's just required to post...  but man, that's so standard.

...we are looking into FB integration to make remembering your login easier, but guys.  Firefox.  Sign up.  "Remember for this site" - no more password lol.

Other than that - I can't imagine what the issue was, so - was it that they didn't want to sign up for a promotion like the tickets, or something I'm missing?

No one thinks the site is perfect.  We really value feedback, and between the other TO's and myself - are working to make the site the best it can be.  Feedback = a big part of that, so poll your friends, and thanks for taking the time.


i just joined the site today and didnt think i'd get to this part yet. i think this whole site and its goals are great.  so i, being a new member, went to the help link next to home and..........

didnt get the help i was looking for.

Just saying.

other than that, cant wait to find statewide and local MK players.


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