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Re: World of Warcraft!! (New)
« Reply #30 on: August 21, 2012, 10:52:30 am »
How is Tichondrius server wise?  I know its packed and I hear its not very fun because of the lag/que time. 

I will be focusing on arena in MoP on my NE hunter.  Well race change is eminent.  Cant decide on dark flight or EMFH. Going to shelve my 9 other toons just to focus on one the whole expansion.  I wouldn't mind server transferring if there is a solid rbg/arena guild there that will help me work with rating.  Many of the guilds that I run across say you need a 2200 rating min to join. 

Shoot me a pm if you want.

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Re: World of Warcraft!! (New)
« Reply #31 on: September 12, 2012, 05:11:56 pm »
With cross realm raiding and grouping now it would be possible to have an old raid night or achievement gathering night for OKgamers.  If anyone is interested in this i'd be glad to start a thread and/or get the ball rolling.  With upcoming challenge modes, scenarios, and other cross realm things in game I think we could get something together without having to server transfer everyone.

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Re: World of Warcraft!! (New)
« Reply #32 on: September 14, 2012, 10:05:42 am »
My Wow info:
I've been playing for about 4 years; picked up the game about a year before Wrath hit. I'm a "semi-hardcore" raider. My raid group and I strive to be the best while still having fun. :D My guild currently is ranked 5th on our server if that gives you an idea. lol Here's our website for anyone that's interested! Fair warning, we have these giant eyes on there though. xD They tend to freak out new people.
I play mainly on the server Mok'nathal (Alliance) but can sometimes be found on the Moon Guard (Horde) server. Since I am a student, I have plenty of time during the summer and winter breaks to work on leveling and gearing, so hang with me as I introduce you to my army. xD As of late though, I've not been too active unless its a raid night. Been getting ready for MoP in 2 weeks! Super excited for all the new features. x3

On Mok'Nathal (links are to their armory page):
Poundsign: 85 Human Protection Paladin (Yes I'm aware he's a he and not a she. xD He's like that for the lols)
Lunet: 85 Nightelf Discipline Priest
Zaila: 85 Draenei Enhamcement/Restoration Shaman
Nitsa: 85 Nightelf Survival Hunter
Orsina: 85 Worgen Guardian Druid
Bereavement: 85 Daenei Blood/Frost Death Knight
Spurious: 85 Human Destruction/Affliction Warlock
Janeeva: 85 Human Combat Rogue
Parentheses: 60 Daenei Protection Paladin

On Moon Guard (I don't RP. Sorry. :< I moved to this server to be with a high school friend.):
Sanguinary: 83 Troll Blood Death Knight

My main focus going into MoP will be Poundsign and so far, I've gotten most of the new tanking mechanics figured out. Feel free to ask me about my spec/glyph choices if your curious. :D I also wouldn't mind running random dungeons with someone. :3

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Re: World of Warcraft!! (New)
« Reply #33 on: March 04, 2013, 02:48:21 am »

Character Name: Nashwa (My highest level, and most well geared)

Character Server: Zul'Jin

Character Level:90 Arcane Mage

I'd love more people to play with. I'm often awake while the rest of my guild is asleep. Lol