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Looking for a few folks to test an APP Im working on for OKgamers.   Its a Forum App, But it will give you notifications of new Posts and let you read posts.  No replying though..  Still working on that..   

Its nothing Fancy..  Im Still Learning the Android API so i Dont know all the tricks yet..   But this is a Start.  I will post the APK and Installation Procedures in the next day or two.  But if you install it, Please let me know who installed it, and what phone / tablet you have.

Im Guessing No Interest here?  If there ends up being no interest im not gonna waste time developing sometime.

It sounds like a great idea. If it was made i would not hesitate to use it

I just now read this post, sorry if i'm a bit late. But i have a droid, Sanyo Zio.
I wouldn't mind testing it if you need me to., :P

Here is Version 1.0 

its Weak..  It Lacks alot of Functionality right now..  but right now all its tied to is the Tournaments forum.  It can alert you when a new post / topic is created in that forum..  so you know to go check it out.. You can also check it out inside the app but you cannot reply only see the post.

Like I said .. There is ALOT missing in this..  Im still teaching myself how to do alot of this.  Just besure if the App Crashes that if it prompts you to report your information. PLEASE report it.. So I can see the details on why it crashed.

I Also want to throw out there.. That this is a Use at your Own Risk application..  Myself Nor is Responsible if for some reason or another the app goes bazzerk and wipes and disables your phone..  (Which if it does that a miracle just happens.)

This app is Pure Beta..  Not for the "Beginner" Android User..  Those who can help play with it.. Great.. I will be Taking a break from Programming till After TNT is over with.

To Install this you will need to enable "Unknown Sources"


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