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Oklahoma loses one of it's best: Forest "Solidus" Sharp passes 7/3/11

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Reports have seeped in through Facebook that indeed - Forest "Solidus" Sharp has passed.  Solidus and his girlfriend from Nevada, Ashlie Johnson, both were pronounced dead on the scene of their early morning crash on Interstate 40.  News Channel 10 has the report on their website.

Many take gaming seriously - but the path Solidus took was far steeper than most will ever know.

Gamers are, for the majority, a lazy lot.  When you start to deal with "hardcore" tournament attending gamers they can take it up a notch, whining and complaining; even to the point they kill off their own opportunities.  A gamer group can 'have it good', and never say thanks; only taking the time to tell you how it could have been better, in no uncertain terms.  Organizing gamers can seem like the combination of a punishment, a thankless job, and trying to herd cats - all at the same time...

So that's why not just for the local gamers, but Oklahoma along with OKgamers and the entire region to lose one of the rare people who would not only stand up during all that?  But grow the community?  Take on the effort to coordinate and create more opportunities for it?  Despite all the drama, and backbiting, and lack of thanks?  That takes a special person - the kind of person Solidus was, Ashlie all along seemingly backing him and offering praise.  Losing someone like Forest is bad enough; knowing that we'll lose all that came along with his passions, his desire, and his push for improving the community...  That is just an unfair blow in an already horrible situation.

Solidus - to say you will be missed isn't nearly enough; but it's all I can think to say, and put into words.  You and Ashlie deserved far better; you will be missed.

 - Saif Khan,  Tulsa lead for


Solidus Video Here:

Saif aka X A here.  Reviewing photos from OKgamers 5th anniversary event on 3/26 - I've started to think Solidus might have been half ninja - as he's rarely in any photos we captured what so ever.  We did have some video that we've thrown together for those that were near to him to have.  If anyone runs into the family members that'd want the original resolution video, while I know it's not much, they are more than welcome to it - just have them go through the contact form on


I don't know what to say. This is just heartbreaking on every level. I'm so sorry.

This is a nice memorial, Saif.

This loses its effect since I've copied and pasted it in multiple places, but...

RIP Solidus. I've said my words of peace to him on his Facebook page, but I have made an executive decision to name the ARK IV Melee Tournament in his honor. I don't know what difference it'll make in the long run, but it's one way that I'll personally pay my respects to him. Hopefully I'll have a little memorial up for him at our event as well.

Also, if you'd like to send me a copy of that video Saif, I can get it up on the ARK IV stream if you think it'd be a good idea. Anything to help.  :'(

I come on here and read this just after talking to the guy a week ago?

the only thing I got is........

This blows goats...


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