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Oklahoma loses one of it's best: Forest "Solidus" Sharp passes 7/3/11

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po pimpus:
I don't know what to say... This is a terrible thing to have to deal with. Forest was, whether you liked him or not, a pivotal figure in our gaming scene. He nearly single-handedly revived the Melee AND Brawl communities in OKC/Norman, and was giving light to those so-called 'niche air-dash fighters' like Arcana Heart 3 and BlazBlue. Super Bit Wars was set to be his magnum opus... This community won't see anyone like him again.

Beyond that, however, he was person-- At times cynical, overbearing, and maybe even a little crazy(but who among us isn't?) stubborn, and a bit obnoxious... However, those were merely symptoms of a man who possessed an indescribable passion for gaming culture and an unmatched desire to unite gamers of every kind under a banner of competition. He and I would often debate about gaming as a whole, and I'll never forget the many games we played together... I remember teaching him about the Peach/Luigi match-up, and watching as he went from getting constantly 4-stocked to eventually being able to beat me. Moments like those are what I will always cherish.

He and Ashlie were the most unique and friendly couple I've ever had the pleasure of making an acquaintance of. Their home was always open to us, even if we were playing a game he had no interest in, he would still entertain us and give us a place to gather and get better. Ashlie, while not as hardcore as the rest of us, was always friendly and welcoming to all these strange people that would frequent her abode. I hope they both realized how lucky they were to have each other, and that wherever they are now, they are still arguing over cosplay choices, lol.

Forest, you will be missed dearly. Not only for your efforts as an organizer, but as someone I call friend. The Smash community is like a close-knit family, and to lose a brother and sister in such a sudden and shocking way is a terrible blow to us. But, I am certain that one of us will step up and carry on the work you started.
Goodbye, my friends. May you both rest in peace.

Solid you will b missed bro... we will continue to strive on.  continue the road that u laid out..

You know this makes me wanna continue where he left off. I wanna build a community so strong that it stands to be a testament to what he had visioned seeing the OKGamers being. I didn't know him to well, but I don't want to see him go in vain. I will always remember him. and I won't let the dream that he had die because of this. It raises my spirits to help the community in whatever way I can.

Really bummed out to hear this. I didn't know Forest well, but he did offer some advice when I posted about growing the Stillwater scene.

I hope his family knows how many people in the fighting game community knew him.

Dang.. I don't know him personally at all except for some small talk in the OK channel on League of Legends. I wouldn't have been at this site if it weren't for his LoL thread which I found by googling. Sucks.. My condolences to the family and friends.


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