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note.  This isn't for a specific event.  This is to help the site out - at becoming the place to PUT events / known for that / yea.  If you've got the interest to help out with a event, just post on that particular thread.  This, is helping out the entire cause - spreading the word / networking the state so we can all know when things are going down, and have more fun.

[As I've already mentioned here in this 'overview of what is coming' -] - we are looking to get people helping out.

What do we need, people wise, right now?

People that can drive flyers around, and post them at their schools and workplaces, or just hand them out to random strangers.

People that can write.  People that can take pictures and cover events.

People fired up about the cause of getting Oklahoma's act together.  People barely interested.

Gamers - of all kinds - to give opinions / help us weigh if idea's are good or not.

We need staff members.  You interested - then please read more about becoming a staff member!

X A - Edited for addition of Staff link.  Cleared out old Board invitations.


The first of probably 2 meetings - is scheduled for this Friday - 6pm till 8pm.  We'll probably go to some resturant / something like that.

Right now the topics range from how to work in editorials / game reviews / yea into the site, how to improve / work on some more site design, and role definition and general brainstorming.

If your interested in this 'getting our thoughts together' meeting, let me know.  It'll be in Tulsa, and if your planning on bringing constructive thoughts - the door is open.

The second meeting - will basically be putting these things and other items brought up in the conversation into action.  Might be just the same people, or more - either way - that's the plan.



Second Meeting [email protected]#

We've gathered alot of great idea's, things to go for, and things we are still deciding on.  So - when should we meet?



December 16th, a Saturday, has been brought up as a good date / people will be in town / yea.


Also, if you want to be on the board, please let us know. [If your interested in helping more with flyers, getting the word out, tournaments or so forth - just hold tight, we'll be getting that together soon.]


are we still having the tourny on the sunday before or are you wanting to post pone it to the saturday ur talkin fine for whatever..just hit me out..weav


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