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if u can make one thatll fit m front or rear truck window..or buckin buy it n rock it out mang


omg guys.  omg.  lol

Listen - I have the graphics for the logo, and maybe we can find some controller graphics?  lol...  But seriously -

Logo - slogan/what it is - would be best imo.  And I can put it together - just comes down to where we can have it printed / how much it is / yea....

You guys do some research / find a place, I'll get you a file / the printer a file and we can get it going.  I'd love a bumpersticker / yea.  We'd need to look into cost / if we can do a small run, that sort of thing.

NOW - if Eric will just wake up, I can have someone type up the staff stuff, and we can get it posted loool.



First post updated!

The gist?  The Staff thread is open now -


Icychiller: heres a website that might help out


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