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im in this for gow3. this will be the easiest money i ever made lol.

2/25 needs to hurry up.... ughhh. who else besides me nightmare skorcher an glocbusta for gow?


ill be there for gow3 with nightmare!!! we WILL win. i AM the BEST gow player in OK. hands down and i will prove it feb 25th.

I'm done with this thread I'm making to many enemys I love you all!

its cool man were cool.

uhmmm... ok... next 4v4 i hope its gears of war rather then halo. that way if you actually decide to show up you would probably end up flipping out an breaking your controller an leaving.

That is a friendly joke :)

i dont follow?

If you send me a video of you running down a basketball court once without having a heart attack then I would believe you

shank im in shape for a fat guy. i can do a 3 mile jog with out stopping.

I don't care if you think your cool for flooding peoples ips because it's pretty clear that you have no friends and couldn't even get with a fat drunk chick if you offered her money

i dont think im cool because i can ip flood because a 4 year old could do it. an you saying i have no life because i can ip flood is like saying i dont have a life because i play basketball... why is it that someone who does somthing someone else doesnt like they have no life? i dont like baseball does that mean randy johnson has no life because hes one of the best pitchers all time?

you see what i mean? stop saying stuff thats opinion based. because opinions are like butt holes everyone has one an they all stink. meaning that i could care less about you or anything that comes out of your mouth.

im going to drop the subject here. i have said what needs to be said. END OF STORY

Royalty has apologized for trash talking i have apologized too. i agree trash talking is apart of lan but if your going to run your mouth at least have the balls to apologize at the end of the lan thats what i did with rope an try hard. you 4 are a good team get together an play some more go to dallas or nashville ill root for you.


its to bad gow2 is there instead of gow1 this time...

General Chat / Re: Spamming / bots on the site - What to do when you see it
« on: November 17, 2008, 08:08:14 am »
well dezmen(Justin here) BOTS cannot read the captcha thing its based on an algorithm. people have cracked the algorithm. so they are able to have bots run the program that hacks the algorithm. it automatically types it in. new registration. TADA... although they do it numerous times.

this is just a simple an basic explination of the thing...

ps. dezmen you should hae the halotech be to z b r e a t h e account not BR Dezzz :P

Local Players General / Re: Xbox Live gamertags
« on: September 04, 2008, 08:13:46 pm »
GT = JuSt x ImaGinE
GT #2 = ImaGinE WrEcKz

(random comment)


No cursing - Darkwraith

sweet i would have to team with Geofferys team aka BowzeR x he told me i would be on his team today so... yeah.

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