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Thread Archives / FORUM STRUCTURE - your thoughts here...
« on: March 14, 2006, 11:26:19 am »
On the subject of forum structure, the real purpose of this thread heh - is yea - I definitely think a "Tournament Results and Planning" section would be a good thing.  That way we have threads to let everyone know how a tourny went, but also we can easily archive those for future info / people wanting to know about it.  Also - I can probably pull from that section and have the main site have the most current links on the main / normal site as well...  So yea - good times.

So - the main question still remains though...

Competition/casuals/regular play forums and Tournament forums - City based?  Area / region based?  Game based?

I don't like the idea of it being game based, as that's kinda re-creating the wheel, and re-inforcing the whole gamers hiding in their own game area.  I'd like to see it as a thing where you'd go into a tournament forum, and see "Tulsa - SC3 - This date" thread, and right below it "Broken Arrow - Halo2 - this date" format - so if your active and know alot of gamers, you can instantly have that resource at your finger tips of knowing when / where all the tournaments coming up in your area are...  So - I guess my vote is straight region.  And maybe - for now Oklahoma doesn't need more than one - and jus go at it from that angle...  Thoughts?


A big goal I have is getting people not only together here, but also well educated once they leave on where they can hang out for game specific information.

Soul Calibur?

Tekken? [spelling could be off, I'm feeling lazy lol]

Street Fighter? [spelling again lol]

And so on, and so forth.  Communities of gamers already know where to go.  What about new competition?  They have no clue about these websites, and what if they stumble on OKGamers first?  So.  I want to create a resource for anyone that's interested in getting into the online communities, and I want to have solid info and links if at all possible.

So - that's where you come in.  What games can we list off, and along with them, what websites should we point to?  For Soul Calibur - I know.  But what of the 2d games, and the non-fighters like Halo and DDR?

Please help the site out with this info, and we'll build that page accordingly.


Thread Archives / FORUM STRUCTURE - your thoughts here...
« on: March 14, 2006, 02:35:12 am »
Can't agree more on stuff.

More games / tournys - the more we get the word out, the more people will use the site to plan tournys, and the more games it will attract.

Statistics chart?  Help me out here, huh?

Media Files - right now I'm researching where best to host said items.  If nothing else, I've got some SC3 tourny matches coming soon from my Iowa trip, and maybe some of the SC tourny's we've been having.

Interviews - hmm, interesting.  To serve - what public?  I mean - what would the purpose be / what the goal of / content of the questions asked?

Some great idea's though - keep em coming.


That's right!  We have a regionals location for the Soul Calibur 3 Nationals.  

For now - read up on it here -

Comment [email protected]#!


Tournament & Event Archives / Soul Calibur 3 - Tulsa Tourny - 3-18-06
« on: March 02, 2006, 05:45:16 pm »
It's coming [email protected]#  YOU'VE BEEN [email protected]@

Instead of copy and pasting and having to reformat and all - jus check the page -

Comment here!#@


Thread Archives / FORUM STRUCTURE - your thoughts here...
« on: March 02, 2006, 05:40:18 pm »
Sup.  Pardon the mess and all, just got the forums up - so work will be happening on it later.

So - I wanted to get some feedback from the users of said forums - on how the forums should be!

My goals -

Not to try and replace places like and and so forth - but to provide a central place with the theme of - whatever we play, we all play it in OK.  To promote more cross-gaming platforms so that our tournaments can be bigger, and our players happier, and drawing more from different area's.  To promote general communication in the gaming arena.

To have sections to allow for gamers to come in, chat about whatever, find local competition, and find local tournaments.  Also - I want to have a area especially for sponsors / people that help out with the tournaments, like Game Crazy is currently doing.  That way - they can show off their current specials, things like that.

My concerns -

Of course, creating too many forums - too easy to do heh.  Gotta keep em focused down to just what is needed.

Really serving the users.  I come to the point where I'd make 'touraments' - but should it be just one big mash?  Or should it focus down to cities?  Or - should it focus on game types?  Same thing with competition searches.  Area based?  City based?  Game based?  What is going to be best?

That's really where I'm struggling right now, and would like to know your thoughts.  What would you think is better / what have you perhaps seen work?  

I WANT fo focus on bringing info into one place where it's easy to use.  I want to be able to serve the fighting game types, and the halo types, so on so forth.  So - how does one format that?


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