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Weekly Game of Thrones LCG Tournaments
GOOGLE MAP LINK (based off address)
In Tulsa  on Every Thursday

Location: The Covenant Store
Address: 1660 E. 71st St. S.

Game List: Game of Thrones LCG

Event Description:
Every Thursday evening we host Game of Thrones tournaments, typically of a 1 Melee, 2 Joust format. If you'd like to learn how to play, come in any time for a demo! If you're an experienced player, come in and shape the meta! General attendance is 12-24 each week.

Additional Details:
Call (918) 409 - 0491, email [email protected], or visit our facebook page if any additional info is needed!

Entry / Location / Tournament Costs:
The Covenant Store, $5 entry, prizes to first place and one random participant!
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