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great games tonight man, i had fun but i wish i did better using ibuki messing up my timing and for some reason i kept trying to do a harder link then the one i was practicing. Had fun playing with you guys with my gen, im glad i can do damage with him even with his nerfs.

oh and thanks for letting me get a chance to play guilty gear a weird game but fun.

cant wait for next time hopefully i can improve on my execution and my overall game plan.

any tips is overall helpful.

What time on the 15th?  I'd like to be on the OKC team for Tekken 6.

Starts at 6pm and lasts until a little before they close at midnight.

Representing Tulsa for SFIV here.

Are we doing Vanilla Street Fighter or Super?

It will be Super SF4. I can't imagine anyone is going to want to play Vanilla once Super comes out.

well someone might want to play vanilla if you play gen hahaha, i hope im wrong i want to play gen in super lol.

i can bring my version of super for the xbox 360 incase you need a copy but i cant bring my xbox set up. oh and i wont be able to play on ps3 on my stick, since i mess up the mod and i had to buy a new stick....

im sending it off to someone who knows what they are doing, so i can get a rj45 jack.

yea i tried to do a imp and cthulu mod and well  lets just say i have to buy a new stick haha ordering a new one tomorrow. i think this time i send it off to someone to mod it so i can play on xbox 360 ps3 and wii/gamecube.  anyway i cant wait to go to this one since i was not able to go to the last one with power stone 2 tournament 

Another good time last night.  I am glad to see events like this going on here.  I just hope more people show up next time.  Good games to all I played.

yea i was suppose to go but ♥♥♥♥♥ toothache was killing me so i feel asleep i be there next time tho.

hey guys that was fun as ♥♥♥♥♥ had some good matches, in street fighter 4 with my gen

thanks for the matches the gouken, seith/sagat and fei long player that i got to fight

gettting my ♥♥♥ kick in TvC makes me want to get better at that game with my bastu and frank although i got a long way to go.

any thanks again for the good matches cant wait for next time

oh yea im going to bring my xbox next time so people with xbox sticks can use there stick and we can play some of my fighting games like blaz blue Street fighter anniversary collection and maybe even the new king of fighter 12 game although im not sure some of you guys like it lol

Fighting Gamers / Re: any arcades in oklahoma
« on: October 05, 2009, 09:43:40 am »
well that good to hear never played capcom vs snk 2 but i played snk vs capcom shame they got ride of 3s lol wonder what they did with that cabinet lol. well that good i guess i have to go check it out my seft then

Fighting Gamers / Re: any arcades in oklahoma
« on: September 06, 2009, 01:49:41 am »
dang sad to hear that guess i have to go some local tourney or something but i would rather play for fun plus i mostly play 3rd strike on ggpo although i do got blazblue for my xbox

Fighting Gamers / any arcades in oklahoma
« on: August 31, 2009, 01:55:51 pm »
i been waiting to find a cool arcade to go out hang out and play some fighting games like street fighter 3rd strike but i having problems finding a arcade. so any good areas around okc area and plz no quell springs mall i would rather have a small arcade to go to then one in the mall. how is cactus  jack, i read that a good arcade but im not sure.

thanks again


aka tommy

General Chat / Re: Come Join The ECA and Let Your Voices Be Heard
« on: September 11, 2008, 02:05:02 pm »
Quote from: ezknight.okceca
So we are doing better than any other entertainment industry in self regulation. So why are games targeted for legislation again?

Again I point to the fact that we are simply the easiest target at this time.

When was the last time you heard a story about a kid watching a movie and going out on a killing rampage?

It the true when media get big it trys to get relagated by the goverment it happion to comics happion to movie tho it not as strong by the arguments above me and it happion to games once and looks like they are trying to do it again becuse it the next big thing of media.

parents have the chose what to let the kids see and if they chose the wrong choise it their fault not the game companys nor the goverment but lazy parents and people with a ingenda of their own are gonna try to change that so they can blame games for ever wrong thing done. That why we have crimnals starting to blame video games becuse they see it as a way to get out of trouble they where stuiped enough to get into in the frist place.

oh i plan to join the ECA eventualy i just not have the time lol.



General Chat / Re: Get to know your OKgamers - First posts and New Chat
« on: September 08, 2008, 06:11:10 pm »
HI  my gamer name is Zaruka and my name is Tommy
im 18 years old and live in the puntom city area of Oklahoma. i play many types of games  ranging from pc games my favorite of all time to my xbox and to my wii. Im not usually big on tourneys but i do like to play videos games a lot as a team player. anyway i grew up on videos games and i guess i might as make my addiction the most fun it can be so that why i sign up here.

oh i found by E. Zachary Knight myspace page while looking at game politics

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