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Tournament Aftermath / Oklahoma City - OKMadden  Madden 13   - 10/06/12
« on: September 17, 2012, 12:28:10 pm »
OKMadden  Madden 13  
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GOOGLE MAP LINK (based off address)
In Oklahoma City  on 10/20/12
12:00 noon Signups Begin

Location: Good Fellows Restaurant (Inside Best Western Broadway Inn & Suites)
Address: 6101 N. Santa Fe Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Game List: Madden 13

Event Description:
Win 2 games move on to the Single Elimination Championship Bracket.

Lose 2 games and your done.  However, buy backs are usually available.

Entry / Location / Tournament Costs:
$30.00 Entry Fee ($10.00 off with Player Card)

Good Fellows inside Best Western Broadway Inn & Suites

XBOX 360

Bring your own controller

yes, I updated the post

OKMadden   Madden 13 Tournament

Good Fellows Restaurant (Inside Best Western)
6101 N. Sante Fe Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

12:00 a.m. signup begins

Game List: Madden 13

Event Description:
Our first monthly Madden 13 tournament of the year. 

Tournament will be held mainly on XBOX 360, will have a couple of PS3

$30.00 entry fee

Ok, we lifted the 18 and older requirement and it is now open to all ages.  We have moved the tournament downstairs in Remington Park to the usual spot of Henry Hudsons at Remington Park on the ground floor.

Signup on line at for a 10.00 discount, early signups will end Friday Night, so get in on the $20.00 entry fee, or pay full price of $30.00 on Saturday.

See you there.


this is so stuipd im 16 i was going to drive down from TULSA!! but no not know. why 18?

sorry about that, unfortunately, due to the size of this tournament, we had to move our tournament from out normal location to the Casino area, and you must be 18 in order to get into the Casino.

We have plenty of regular tournaments every month starting in September, so hope to see you at one of those!

We also have slots available for our on-line tournament, check out the web site to sign up.

<div style="float:right">
GOOGLE MAP LINK (based off address)
In Oklahoma City  on 03/31/12
11:00 A.M.

Location: Henry Hudsons- Remington Park
Address: 1 Remington Place - Oklahoma City, OK

Game List: Madden 12

Event Description:
Mark Clayton Wide Receiver of the St. Louis Rams will be attending.  More celebrities are in the works, will update when confirmed.

Entry / Location / Tournament Costs:
Henry Hudsons - Remington Park

$20.00 entry fee (if register on line at

$30.00 entry fee Walkups
Xbox 360 & PS3


Sports Gamers / Re: Madden 12
« on: February 15, 2012, 04:19:15 pm »
I sure will do it!

Sports Gamers / Re: Madden 12
« on: February 13, 2012, 03:27:27 pm »
we have monthly tournaments every month!
there are some hardcore madden players there always

Tournament Aftermath / Re: OKC - Madden 11 - 08/21/2010
« on: September 17, 2010, 10:52:04 am »
me and 3 friends were in it it was a blast 2 of us placed top 4 plan on going to the one on the 9th it ran realy slow i don't think cross tournaments worked to well alotta waiting...

Hey Spaaaaaz - glad you you and your buddies had a good time.  Don't worry about waiting around this time.  We have it covered.  There should be very little wait time at the one on the 9th!  A little reminder that since you are in the top 8 you do not have to play in the  qualifers to get into the Championship Bracket, but you can forfeit the automatic birth if you want to play in the qualifiers for warmup purposes.  Hope to see you on the 9th.

We will have PS3 - All-Madden and Xobx 360 All-Pro starting at 1:00 pm. and no one is allowed to play in both of those.
The Xbox 360 All-Madden qualifiers will begin around 3:00 pm.  (We are not having PS3 All-Pro)

See you on the 9th and remember you can register and pre-pay at

Tournament Aftermath / Re: OKC - Madden 11 - 08/21/2010
« on: August 22, 2010, 09:12:11 am »
Had a nice turnout for this tournament.  Had 34 paid entries and the winners and runner-ups went home with $700.00.  Not bad but it will get better.

I will tread lightly - thanks

Tournament Aftermath / Re: OKC - Madden 11 - 08/21/2010
« on: August 20, 2010, 09:12:25 am »
Yes, depending on the number of entries and systems we can gather.  We will have a maximum cutoff and a time.  They will need to be at Remington park no later than 3:00 pm to get in the All-Madden tournament.

no problem!  Care to share what issues you are referring to? 


I knew you would be, we don't want to run those, but we can put you on the KOTC web site if you are interested at all.  May get some more players from Texas that way.  Let me know

Tournament Aftermath / Re: OKC - Madden 11 - 08/21/2010
« on: August 16, 2010, 02:27:49 pm »
If you were planning on going to the GameStop tournament at Midwest City and haven't registered yet, it is too late.  They cut off the number of entries to 16 and filled up the night Madden was released.

So come on down to Remington Park Saturday, still spots available.

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