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I'm glad we finally have a successor for the Stay Salty series.

I'll hit up the next one when it's scheduled.

Tournament Aftermath / Re: Alien Games, SSF4
« on: April 26, 2011, 12:17:00 am »
Weekly, eh?

Saturday's Forecast:

An Ultimate Atomic Buster followed by a chance of Siberian Blizzard.

Chances of precipitation is 90%

Do we have some type of OK caravan thing scheduled?

Because I'd like to ride there, and I got plenty of money to add for food and fuel.

I got one thats 42 inches long and it doesn't lag at all, if you know what I'm saying.

42 inch is going to lag... why are you bringing such a big tv? maybe it can be used for displaying brackets? Im not being rude i just know people are going to complain if they play on it

Because it's the only thing that I got, and Saif asked me nicely to bring a rig.

I don't have many options in this regard.

Also, where can I find more pictures from last year?

We had a winners lineup photograph, and I never saw it.


Digital - look who's back!  Do you think you could help out with hardware?  We have a couple of people bringing PS3 SSF, however the more we have - the faster we can power through and handle the numbers present, and then let you guys have free play after that!  Especially with people traveling in and such, we want to do that where we can!

As long as it's settled amongst the rest that the PS3 is indeed the platform of choice and nothing else, then I wont see it as a problem to bring a TV and a PS3.

Our last foray had us congregated around TCC's gigantic Samsung TV. It was awesome, but I think it was our number one culprit as to why the SFIV tournament dragged on the way it did. I recently bought a brand new TV to replace another 42 inch I got, and I have no reservations lugging it to Downtown Tulsa, but going to the ranbats in Oklahoma City taught me that the subtle differences in the refresh rates on TV can cause a notable difference in lag, especially if you're going from TV to TV. This can cause some disorientation and I would want to avoid that as much as possible.

Regardless, I will bring the 42 inch that I have. If there is no room for a TV that sizes, then, by God, I'll make room.

Anyway, I got my paid time off request put in and I'm getting my groove back. Expect a much trickier, stronger, and more meaner Zangief this time around.

Is Mike Weng coming along?

I have a Salty Runback I've been meaning to do with him for over a year now.

I'm dusting off the old arcade stick and I'm getting my chops back. I'm coming out of retirement for this tournament.

I'm very interested to see how this'll turn out. However, I am somewhat concerned, as the last SSFIV tournament I went to in Tulsa back in May of last year was canceled due to lack of participants.

Kind of turned me off at the idea of Street Fighter IV being anything in Tulsa.

But, if we can guarantee a tournament will go down, count me in.

That means by the average rule of thumb - 80 to 100+ people showing up


Finally, a chance to become famous outside of Oklahoma.

You can count me in.

Lol ya I won tickets to see Iron Man 2 on May 15th at 10 am at Riverwalk lol.  Thank god for different timezones

Tulsa and Oklahoma City are in the same Timezone.

What the ♥♥♥♥♥ are you talking about?

I can bring a PS3 with SSFIV.

But my TV is a 42 inch. It may be too big for the venue.

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