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Marvel isn't getting bonus money this time around, but we will see what we can do for next year.

Well, I'm excited for the UMVC3.

Ok im kinda heated now. First of the Cod tournament was a bust only my full team showed up also timmy wasnt thier TVs were going out stuff wasnt working. And now there isnt going to be a cod 4v4 at tnt. What the ♥♥♥♥♥ are people running around here it seems MLG is the only place i can go to play.

Umm. There will be 2 COD Black Ops tournaments that will be at TnT this year. One is 2v2 and one is 4v4. Go here for the post.,3565.0.html

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« on: July 12, 2011, 01:10:13 am »
Will try it on my galaxy tab. think that this will come in handy!

The pros will be there to play, talk, hang out. They will also be guests at a dinner for the voice actors and you can ask questions and the like. And yes they are real pros.

As of right now, there aren't any rules for dance central on EVO's website or the NVGA's , so I will try to learn as much as i can and make a set that will be fair and balanced to give everyone the best tournament i can.


Typically with rules - we consult with the NVGA first - as they usually have "official rules" that are based off what the National community of that game plays.

Because we haven't done a DC event before, I haven't gone and checkec out NVGA resources, and Eric is obviously just being lazy because he knows Ricky plays, and was hoping to get the info just handed to him :)

And yes - I'd hate to have my rules "taken' without credit as well.  With OKgamers it's a bit different, since we encourage them to take our rules :)  It is actually more of a frustration for us when they use our rules but won't post their event on our site hahaha.


Actually, i figured if Ricky knew of a resouce that has the standard rules, I would have him send a link to it. I would then find a resource like NVGA, EVO, etc and compare the rules. Not being lazy, being sure I get the right info.

Thank you Saif

Ricky, i'll try my best to see if there are a standard set of rules. If you can help direct me to the best place to find that info, that would be very awesome!

Hey flip, it is AE. We will be following the community standards, which I think is Evo with sf4:ae. Game con will be able to provide you with a stick if needed.

Is there going to be an area for tabletop gaming ?
why yes there sure will be! it's on the same floor as us! check out,3072.0.html for more info on times and what will be played!

Just added an update to the OP please read!!

anything and everything you can think of except the kitchen sink we can find a use for.

So should I bring anything special for ssf4? I just found out you guys exist!

if you can bring any hardware that would be a plus!! oh, and a controller if you have a special one that you prefer to use.

awesome! haven't had the chance to play it, so hopefully you'll be at tnt

Now does this mean there is going to be hotspot provided or am i still going to have to setup ICS.

yes the area we are setup in will be a hotspot and you will be able to use your wii on it

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