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So whats the details on Gears 3?  Are they going to be standard 4v4/lancer gnasher/execution style?

Hey man, I talked to you on XBOX live the other day.  Any updates for this?  Is it still happening? I have a full team coming, and I can bring my TV/XBOX.  Hopefully other people do as well, split screen would be really lame.

We'll let the off host team pick a map from the mlg maps. Then swap host and let the off host team pick. For tie breakers, the team with the most rounds won will host.

No two players can use the same character at the same time.

After all players ready up, the host may launch. The first team to win 4 rounds takes the map. The first team to win 2 maps takes the match.

30 second bleed out, 5 minute rounds.

Friendly fire on or off?

5 or 6 it seems.

If we have 5, we can do a 1st and 2nd prize.
375 for 1st
125 for 2nd

What do you guys think?

Teams I know of:

Mine (hero, redmen, aerials, myself)
911 (Timmy and friends)
Wagoner Crew (Brandon and Miles and Kyle and Revan?)
Bowsers team (Bowser, snapshot, frizzo and ?)


The Twins (phazeone, phazetwo and their friends)

And possible random teams.

It'll most likely be our buddy Taylor coming....Grevan really doesnt even play Gears anymore.

Also....What is the map cycle going to be?

lmfao yeah Brandon has had some interesting names over the past few years...Poopaloop, PooDuck, Ghettotits....

Me and Miles about to play some Gears in a minute if you wanna play with us.

Mine (Kyle) is II Reign Man II...Miles is Vx Darkstar xV...and Brandon is x PooDuck x.

Yep, we're the same guys that came that one time in Talequah when we did the 2v2.

Any idea how many teams will be attending this?

We got a team coming from Wagoner....So we can probably bring about 3 X-BOX's and 3 games if you still need some.  I have a TV I can bring as well but its a 32 inch....Is that too big?

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