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Due to unforseen circumstances, we are changing the start time to 6pm. Deadline to enter is Friday.

9pm. We have had previous tournaments while the store was open and they literally killed sales that day. So we chose 9pm.

...for OK Gamers, sure. But specifically for other tournaments, no.

No need to bring anything unless you want to bring your own controller. The National rounds will be played on xbox live with our local winner playing at our store.

After taking an extended break form hosting tournaments, we are back and going all out!

Have you got what it takes? Sign up for our Play N Trade National Madden 12 tournament sponsored by EA Sports! Local round takes place on Saturday September 17th starting @ 9pm 6PM.  The winner of the local round will compete in the national round the following Saturday. Rules will be decided shortly after game is released on August 30th.

Play N Trade Video Games
3248 S. Broadway #180
Edmond, OK 73013

1st prize-
Madden game every year for life!!!!!
$500 store credit
1 year Xbox Live Subscription
4000 Live points
Peyton Hillis autographed poster

2nd Prize-
$250 Store Credit
1 year Xbox Live subscription
Peyton Hillis Autographed poster

3rd Prize-
$100 store credit

4th Prize-
$100 store credit

Only $10 to enter. Stop by the store and sign up today!

Become a

Tournament is sold out and full. Thanks to all of those who have entered.

Only six team spots left! Call us @ 405.359.6777 with your credit card or stop by the store to pay your entry fee to guarantee your spot. Also have one paid entrant looking for a partner. Gamer tag is killa strongbad if you want to check him out.

1. The no outside controllers rule is non-negotiable. Hard drives are mandatory. Retrieving gamertags is too much of a pain for a big group of people.

2. Each team member will have their own screen. We have 7 Viewsonic HDtvs mounted in our store but will only be using 4 of them. 1st instance of screen peeking gets you a warning, 2nd gets you and you partner disqualified.

3. Headsets are allowed but profanity is not. 1st instance gets you a warning, 2nd gets you and your partner disqualified.

4. You can pay on the day of tournament but it costs you $15 per team member which is $5 apiece more than those who signed up early.
5. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parental consent form filled out with us.

any other questions just give us a call at 405.359.6777

Here is a google map link...,+3248+S+Broadway+%23+180,+Edmond,+OK+73013-4008&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=48.641855,78.662109&ie=UTF8&hq=Play+N+Trade,&hnear=3248+S+Broadway,+Edmond,+Oklahoma,+73013&z=16

As far as the noob tubes goes, we have never banned them because they have never been a problem. We will put the issue to a vote of all participants before we start.

All you have to do is stop by the store to pay your entry fee
Since you are using your gamertag, whatever weapons you have earned are legal. Main restriction is you cannot use your own controller. This prevents anyone from using a modded controller.

For complete rules, stop by the store and take a look.

OK Call of Duty Players...Play N Trade in Edmond has another event for you.
Modern Warfare 2
2v 2 Team Deathmatch
Double Elimination

Use your Gamertag and profile. Players are required to bring their own hard drive or flash drive with gamertag and profile on it.  
Grand Prize- a free copy of Black Ops on release date for each member of team.

Time Limit: 10 Mins
Score: unlimited

Team Options
Spectating mode: Disabled          
Wave Spawn Delay: None
Force Respawn:Enabled
Radar Always On: No
Friendly Fire: Disabled

Player Options
Number of lives: Unlimited
Respawn Delay: 5 sec
Max Health: Normal
Health regen: Normal
KillCam: Disabled

Gameplay options
Headshots Only: Disabled
Allow Perks: Enabled
Killstreak rewards: Enabled
Hardcore Mode: Disabled
3rd Person: Disabled


To be completely honest, the turnout at our last few events has been bad. This event will determine if we have any tournaments in the future. If you don't want to lose another tournament venue, please enter. Thanks and we hope to see you here!

XBOX 360 and sure you can do what ever you like with the gift card.

Due to lack of interest, this tournament has beeen cancelled. Our next event will be in August. A COD: MW2 2v2.

Today is the last day to sign up at the rate of $10. Tomorrow it goes up to 15. We also just added a prixe for the winner of our local portion of the tournament, a $50 gift card!

All rounds will be played at the store. Regional and International competitors will play at the store against their competiton via live. Over 100 Play N Trade stores inthe U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico are participating.

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