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Tulsa/Jenks - 1st TEAM Project Ace Initial D - 12/10/2007
« on: December 06, 2006, 12:03:51 am »
December 10th Sunday at Funhouse Riverwalk in Jenks

6pm-7pm: Final Registration&Placement
7pm: Tournament start

I hope all of you race and challenge your skill on every course that we have here.
It doesn't really matter how fast or how slow you are on certain courses. Sometimes, other players can make mistake, and you can still win.
This tournament is just a fun event for all of initial d players in Tulsa. Just have fun.

1st Stage: Akagi Downhill
2nd Stage: Akina Downhill
3rd Stage: Irohazaka Downhill
4th Stage: Happogahara Inbound
5th Stage: Tsuchisaka Inbound

Rules: Boost Off, challenger decides music, Blocking accepted, any kind of skills accepted, 1 race at a time.
After each race, the winner is given a chance to do his time attack.
We will videorecord our tournament and our battles so everybody can watch it on our website anytime.

Each stage, Winner's Prize:

Funhouse Token note [If winner makes faster time record than his record on the machine during time attack, one more token note is given]
Team Project Ace Soundtrack CD

Each stage, 2nd place's Prize:

Team Project Ace Soundtrack CD

This is just a First Tournament for having fun with everyone. As this grows bigger, we will have bigger prize next time.

DECEMBER 10TH Sunday from 6pm.
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