Author Topic: Denton, TX - North Texas Halo Association - H3 4v4/H3 2v2/H3 FFA - 10/17/09  (Read 2070 times)

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Hey everyone! Though I should post this tournament up seeing as its not a far drive. I just copy and pasted the tournament from their site.

They should have more details and such up soon. But for more details go to their website.


If you want to register for the 2v2, FFA, 4v4 tournament post in this thread and I will add you to the list. This is pre-registration only.

Reasons to Pre-Register:

Help us have a rough number so we can setup accordingly
Save your self time at the event by just having to check in, instead of registering at the event

The entry fees are:

$20 - per person ($80 - per team)

$15 - per person ($30 - per team)

$10 - per person

The entry fees are due at the time you check in / register at the event.

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Denton is relatively close too
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