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The Oklahoma State fighting game Championship 2006 directed by Team ForceZ will be held on November 18th (Saturday) at 1:01pm and held AT Oklahoma Memorial Union (900 Asp Avenue, Suite 428, Norman, OK 73019) In the Crimson Room.

It starts at 1:01pm! I have no sympathy for thoughs that show up late. I will start the tournament with out you.

Last year in 2k5 it was nice to see everyone together for this tournament, this year hopefully more people will show up.
Just like last year, we are voting for the 4 games (or whatever we can fit in) that you will see in the tournament. The standard voting for the top 10 games has already taken place and this is the final vote.


************************************************** **************

There will be a $5 entry fee at the door to help pay for the room this year. 10$ per game entered.

1st = 70% of pot
2nd = 20% of pot
3rd = 10% of pot
(These winnings are subject to change to 80% for 1st and 20% for 2nd if not anough people enter a tournament)

************************************************** **************

Based on the votes, and taking out the people that won't be in the tournament, the order which games will be played is...

1: CvS2 and 3s will take place first, at same time.
2: GGX2S will start when 3s ends.
3: MvC2 will start when CvS2 ends.
4: G:MotW will start when either MvC2 or GGX2S ends. Which ever happens first
5: HSFZ will start when either MvC2 or GGX2S ends. Which ever happens last.
6: HSF2:AE will start when either G:MotW or HSFZ ends. Which ever happens first

We mght not beable to have some of the games in the tournament due to the time we have the room reserved. The first four games are garenteed, but the rest re not.

************************************************** **************

All games are Double Elimination. 2 out of 3 matches, Finals 3 out of 5 matches.

"Capcom vs SNK 2" is on Dreamcast
CvS2 Rules: Useing color edits is fine. Orochi Iori, Gou Ryu, Shin Gouki, and Omega Rugal are illegal; EX Grooves are illegal; EX Options are illegal. Winner CAN'T change characters and groove but CAN change order and ratio.

"Garou: Mark of the Wolves" is going to be for Playstation 2.
G:MotW Rules: 3 out of 5 rounds. T.O.P. x1.50 and x1.75 is illegal. Winner CAN'T change character but can change T.O.P. position

"Gulity Gear X 2 Slash" is on Playstation 2.
GGX2S Rules: Kliff and Justice are illegal; GG Mode is illegal; Gold and Shadow are illegal, but as far are other extra colors, its fine. Winner CAN'T change character.

"Hyper Street Fighter Zero" is on Playstation 2.
HSFZ Rules: Green-Ism, Blue-Ism, Pink-Ism, Orange-Ism, Saikyo Mode, Mazi Mode, Shadaloo Mode, and Classic Mode are all illegal. Winner CAN'T change character and the game they came from.

"Hyper Street Fighter 2: Aniversary Edition" is on Playstation 2 (NOT XBOX, PLAYSTATION 2!!!!).
HSF2:AE Rules: Gouki is illegal. Winner CAN'T change character and the game they came from.

"Marvel vs Capcom 2" is on Dreamcast.
MvC2 Rules: Winner CAN'T change characters but CAN change assist type.

"Street Fighter 3: Thrid Strike" is on Playstation 2 (NOT XBOX, PLAYSTATION 2!!!!).
3s Rules: Extra Colors are fine; Gill is illegal; Winner CAN'T change character but CAN change Super Art.

************************************************** **************

Equipment is going to be needed for this tournament, but unlike last year I'm going to simply ask for your help and you will get my thanks. That might not be much, but I can't reduce the entry fee for you this year. There were to meny people that were upset withn the way I do business

Please keep an eye on your equipment and label it. TFZ is not responcibly for lost or stolen equipment.

************************************************** **************

This year there WILL be videos. The finals will be posted up on youtube with in 2 weeks after the tournament. GARENTEED!!!

Bring your own Stick (or pad), there will be no extras brought (By me).

Im pretty sure you know the run down on the rules, but if you do have a question on the rules, post it up and I will answer.

for more information, go here

See ya there! Bring everyone you can, the more the better.
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Re: Norman - Oklahoma State Fighting Game Championship 2oo6 - November 18th
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Everything still going strong here?  I don't think I'll be able to make it out, but definitely let us know how it goes!  [ We'll move this thread to the tourny archives as usual, you can post your results / so forth there please :) ]


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