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My Total. 1 hoodie
Size: Medium
Total: 32

It was talking about the up coming tourney to stop the flaming.

omg.. you kids are pathetic.. look i dont care about winning tournaments blah blah blah... Godmode pe lies about his accomplishments he told a guy he me and glocs team.. (NEVER PLAYED US) PLAYING AND SEEING TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. He told his friend that you guys beat 12 teams and a whole bunch of lans.. funny thing is i never seen godmode or his team at local gears tournaments. let alone none of them were ever over 5 teams including gamestops.. GODMODE = LIAR

Well You are picking on Godmode Correct. But when you chose to say his team, Sadly I get pulled in to it. I have never insluted your playing skills, I heard you are really bad, but you know what, Let them talk like that. I have not seen you play yet nor I haven't played you. Seeing is Believing correct? I will not Judge you because of your online playing. I had a blast talking to your team at the lan, And Hopley you felt the same way just hanging with people who share the same game that we all love. I really not a big person on insulting someones gameplay because we all have our moments where we play horriably, You can think your godly but when it goes down to it we all suck until MLG Meadowlands because that shows your true skill. You can call godmode a Liar all you want, but have seen him at the Lans before winning them and you put it on video. We all been to different tournments right so we can't judge the skill level unless you have  seen them play. So that means I can't judge Hypo, or whatever you team members are, On that note they can't judge us either.

I'm pretty hard to intimidate. lol
Godmode next time I hear you speak of my name of ANYTHING NOT TRUE i'm going to make a personal trip to  tulsa ill bring my switch and you and i can play one on one. You never played against me or glocbusta

Well Sorry to let you know Gears is not 1vs1 I thought you win with Teamwork and Teamfire, Not HA I CAN HIT THE B BUTTON TO HIT YOU BECAUSE THATS THE ONLY THING I CAN DO OR THROW A SMOKE TO STUN YOU! WOOOH!

We never played you? Really come on now. We watched you lose. We watched Gloc kill you at the start of spawn because he didn't know what Friendly fire is. Please get your facts straigh first. And we won't show up? Oh please, Save me the mercy of your team. I know you guys are SOOOOO Good right? MLG UPDATE?! What have you done with MLG?....... Oh wait nothing. I love being Who i am because I worked to get where I was. Timmy told me at the last lan We went to. I did work and he has never seen a player like me doing work. From the workers, They said our team was fun to watch because we are friends and we know how to be normal not to let a game decide our future. Every Lan I been to I won, I am still planning to do that. I understand you won't play us on online due to Lag blah blah blah. So what there was "lag" at the jenks place right????? Yea you guys used "excuses" why your team got 4th.

I agree totally with the name.

Like you were going to win the Jenks one? ;) I will bet you I will win no matter what team i am on. I am not being bold I am being Logical.

It did have something to due with the tournement.

He said Gears players not Gears 2 players did he?

Godmode pretty much explained my point on the trip portion..

I know but I talk we the time is needed.

GAH Airlen!

/hand to the face moment. :'(

Do you see my point you can't run your mouth unless you have done something.

That was an example,Sometimes it can be 30 mins away to 3 hours away it can be in different places, I am using 2 hours because that is how far its away from me. I don't know where he lives but for all i know it can be 3 mins away from his house.

Yes, Because kids can make a laggy but not on a lan it is perfect all the time so you won't here kids saying omg ITS SO LAGGY! or WOW IF WE HAD HOSE WE WOULD Of WON!. Thats how it is most of the time.

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