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I will now summarize the tourney for anyone that didnt go.....

FFA - I got lucky

4v4 - Caddy.......The monkey is STILL on your back! I feel bad for you........I know deep down after that last game you felt like choking a baby........Your day was REALLY rough.....first you choke in the FFA, then you get destroyed by me in our 1v1(Caddy Im sorry but my BR is too evolved for you.....its like a squirtle fighting a blastoise.......Im gonna go to WalMart so that I can buy you some Rare Candies so you will finally evolve!) Then at the end, \ for some reason didnt play the ball on guardian ball when you were on THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF. Its like you WANTED TO LOSE! Then you have the last game of the 4v4 basically won and end the maybe next time you should drop yourself and put me on the esophagus isnt that big to where I choke all the time. I still <3 you caddy!

1v1 - Since when do people make 1v1 strats on amp? Seriously... like.... who actually takes the time to do it? Next time we have a 1v1 we will make it either on the spot or pick a random map EVERY ROUND, that way these new kids dont spend their whole summer practicing and making it their whole sole purpose in life to beat me,viper and hump.

I would like to give my condolences to the Yoda in the 1v1 tournament. I wouldnt have never acted that way until you insulted not only me, but the whole community at the tournament by said that everyone in the tournament is trash,all the teams are overrated and you could beat me in a 1v1 15-0, etc etc , dont get every tournament there will be people talking trash.....theres nothing personal....

A suggestion for any player whose next tournament will be their first.
Just come in and play and win. Do not say that you can beat everyone until you actually do and do not and i repeat DO NOT think that any win online will be easily transferable to lan.(Team Pure Im looking at guys got beat online but you did reaaaallly good at the tournament...good job!)
I wont say any names but a few new people thought they could waltz right in and have an easy tournament and went home upset. An exception for this rule goes to chad because he RAYYYYYPESS and gets his br from Chuck Norris.

O....and im a F/A for 09 since my whole team quit...inv to run games and/or add me gt: TeamsHaWT

And raider.......I wanna go home BEFORE 2am next time...NO EXCUSES!


ok...after talking with all the teams that are going it looks like my team, raiders team and rages team are showing up thursday and grant is showing up thursday night? If thats the case then jester can your team come fri? My job wont let me get off for fri morning but I have the whole night off....


Hey....everyone thats going....would it be a problem for everyone to put up 5 dollars for food and drinks?

i got a better offer  :P

whose on it.

Yo Raider I would like to go because I wont be going to the tournament,,,, because I am going to have a going away party for my trip over seas.... I am going as a student ambassador to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales  :o anyway I would like to lan before I go so msg me on xbl if you want me to go

this is a team only lan...get 3 other people as your "team" and you may be considered......that and not choking with mauler when im no shields. ;D

i thought you were teaming with them evan?

yes we do if we cant come thats cool man..

*puts hand over face* your always invited to our lans kale......

you dont have a team

Jesters, Caddys, and Steels team are all invited to come. First come first serve though.

How many people want to go to the casino after this tourney?

caddy check my tournament thread.

why of course....we always need our cheerleaders.....i wouldnt advise you to stay the night tho because people like jon like to touch themselves at night

youre invited....remember youre part of the group called "the cool kids". bring your team, gatorade, and viagra steroids.

General Chat / Re: Selling Viewsonic!!!!
« on: June 09, 2009, 12:18:18 am »
Haha I do? Bring back some Rapid Pulse memories huh.....luls

Speaking of rapid pulse......kyle is doing pretty good

General Chat / Re: Selling Viewsonic!!!!
« on: June 08, 2009, 11:28:21 pm »
>:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

lol hey but seriously though....casey YOU HAVE TO GO TO DALLAS!

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