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This thread is dedicated specifically to the 4v4 charity event going down.  We are trying to get as many of the slots filled up at this tournament, we want a really good turnout.  So pleaaaaaaase tell everyone you know that lives remotely close to Oklahoma.  SPAM your xbox live friends list about it.  Post your team in here or post if your looking for a team.

About the event: (taken from TnT website)


4 Dell 20″ monitors, and 4 Vibras FIVE.ONE headsets!!

The 4 Dell 20″ monitors are to spec with MLG standards for refresh, connections, etc – a big thanks to Best Buy of Tulsa on 71st for helping out with those!  And also thanks to Vibras FIVE.ONE headsets – the only headset to be Microsoft Certified for the Xbox 360 console, and is providing 4 headsets for this charity!

…does the best?  That’s right – you don’t even have to beat the Oklahomies, you’re simply competing against the other 17 to 19 slots who play.  Who ever does the best – wins FOUR Monitors and FOUR headsets!  We currently have 18 slots available for teams to sign up to play in – if we fill the slots, we’ll expand to 20 slots.  Each slot is less than an hour, and yes, teams can sign up for multiple slots.

For the non anime fans wanting to attend,  this happens during Tokyo in Tulsa, as part of their Charity series.  As a result, you either have to A – have an event pass, or B purchase a one day gamer pass.  (YES – that’s how awesome Tokyo in Tulsa is – they even have Gamer passes!!)  If you plan on taking multiple attempts at the competition on several days, we’d suggest going and pre-registering quickly for a normal 3 day convention pass, details on the home page.


Your team plays 3 games guaranteed in each time slot.  Slayer, CTF – aka Capture the Flag, Slayer.  Your team gets to pick two games out of the MLG v8 gametypes (other then oddball or KOTH) to play, and the Oklahomies get to pick the 3rd game.  You can pick both slayers, or a slayer and a CTF, its up to your team.

MLG rules are the standard for Halo tournaments – you can download maptypes here –

Your Team Wins if based on:

1.  Whoever beats the Oklahomies in the most amount of games in a single series.
2.  If two teams each beat the Oklahomies in one game, and one team beat the Oklahomies in CTF and the other Slayer, the team who won CTF wins over Slayer.
a.  Same if two teams beat the Oklahomies in two games.  Team A won slayer, slayer. Team B won slayer, ctf.   Team B wins.
b.  If two teams each beat the Oklahomies in slayers, the team that wins by the most kills wins.3.  If two teams each beat the Oklahomies in a CTF game, we add up the scores of both of the other slayer games, and the team who had the most kills in the two slayer games wins.
a.  If somehow those are equal, make the two teams play each other on Sunday in a single game to be determined.
4.  If a team ties with the Oklahomies, it will be weighed as more then a loss, but not equal to a win. It will not be replayed, points counted as they are.
5.  If no one beats the Oklahomies in any game, we go by who comes the closest to beating them and say who does the best OVERALL over all three games. Using this formula:
a. We weight each game to a % of possible points.

Team A:   Slayer puts up 30 kills, CTF scored 2 out of 5 caps, and then 34 kills
would result in  60%           ,    40%                           , 68%                Total = 168%

Team B             20 kills              ,   2 out of 3 caps               , 42 kills
would result in   40%          ,   66.6%                            , 84%                Total = 190.6%
Team B has a higher % therefor is the winner.
b. If two teams have the same % make them play each other on Sunday in one final game to be determined. *TEAMS MUST MAKE THEMSELVES AVAILABLE FOR THIS SUNDAY IN THIS EVENT.*
6.  Same system would be used if more than one team wins all 3 games, to determine who won the best.

Sorry for the massive detail – we wanted to assure you – every angle is covered!

Prizes to be awarded at Closing Ceremonies at 5pm on Sunday.  If your team is not present you will need to contact OKgamers to claim prizes.  Prizes not claimed after 7 days will go to the next team.

Time Slots:

SLOTS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED – while the Oklahomies have been kind enough to offer expanding to 20, after the 20 are filled, that’s it!!

SIGN UP FOR SLOTS AT THE CONVENTION – Tokyo in Tulsa 2010 opens 2pm Friday June 18th at the Downtown Doubletree, we’ll see you after that!

6:00pm -
7:00pm -
9:00pm -
10:00pm -
11:00pm -

11:00am -
12:00pm -
2:00pm -
3:00pm -
4:00pm -
8:00pm -
9:00pm -
10:00pm -

11:00am -
12:00pm -
2:00pm -
3:00pm -

Tournament & Event Archives / OKC - HALO 3 LAN! - Tuesday 3/16/10
« on: March 15, 2010, 12:46:46 am »
Hey we are going to have a H3 LAN to help prepare for Nashville on Tuesday.  I know its short notice but are there ANY Halo 3 teams who would be interested in coming and playing agains us?? We are really only on wanting to do this if we can find a full team to play. If your interested, post in here and let me know.

It will be Tuesday afternoon/night.

Made You Look
G Wade

Alright it is time for our monthly Halo 2/1 LAN. This month it will be at G Wade's new place in Edmond.  We will again be broadcasting live through with audio and possibly a webcam. I will update with more info once I'm not posting from my phone.

Current invite list:
G Wade
Reggie aka the original cowsrule
religion if he promises to not play World of Warcraft the whole night.

If your invited, let me know via text or facebook if your coming or not.

If your interested in taking someones spot who cannot attend
post in here.

STREAM IS UP!  However, I cannot get the audio to work... Im trying my best to get it to work, if not maybe ill just get a mic to work.

Alrighty, so we've decided to try to make this a monthly get together for Halo 2 (maybe Halo 1 if we get enough disks)

Im posting this here, now, to spark some interest in everyone and get some information on who all is interested in attending.
Hopefully we can start this earlier in the day, and go all night so those of you who KNOW your coming, get off work for Tuesday.

We will have 10 people MAX at the LAN.
So far its:
DrViper         Myztique
DrWalterr      LoveXspell
G Wade        YeaaaaaaaaaaBooooooiiiiii
R3ligion        Obitch

Please post in here if you are interested in attending, I will also be contacting a select few of you special people and invite you before you post. If you tell us you are coming, and you end up not showing. You will not be invited again! We do not want to be short a player again...

ALSO we will be broadcasting LIVE from the LAN using   HOPEFULLY   if we can figure it all out.  We will be broadcasting from DrViper, DrWalter, and G Wades POV all night, alternating every few games.  

Post in here, help us generate some hype... I'd like to have as many viewers as possible on  :)

First Person Shooters / Need H3 1v1 Heretic Practice
« on: November 28, 2009, 12:28:58 am »
Hey everyone,
  I leave for NYC for the finals of the Gamestop 1v1 tourney Friday, and I've hardly played Halo, so I need lots of practice.  If your good at 1v1s send me a friend request, I need to play all kinds of styles so i'm pretty much going to play with anyone who wants to.  So send me a f/r with a message saying 1v1, and Ill add you to play sometime.  Ill be on all week, I actually gave Walter my COD disk so I wont be tempted to play it this week.  Thanks in advance.

The settings are:
Default Heretic Map
BR Start
maybe radar (we played both with and without)

Thread Archives / 1 Open Spot in G Wade's Lan #3
« on: June 08, 2008, 04:01:59 pm »
Alright everyone... G Wade is having a LAN tomorrow and we have one spot open... Those of you who would like to come and CAN come tomorrow at 4:30-LATE (Norman) post in here, and we will decide on who to invite.  You would have to bring a TV, BOX, and have your own ride.  We will also use this thread to invite people for future LANs.   So post if your interested.

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