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Tournament Aftermath / jenks- Mortal Combat Tournament 4/19/11
« on: April 18, 2011, 09:10:57 am »
Alien Games
508 E. "A" st
Jenks, OK 74037

The New!! "Mortal Combat" Releases that day
Tuesday 4/19 @ 6:00
$4.00 entry
Prize support in store Credit!

Come play at Alien Games!!

We are Alien Games in Jenks Oklahoma, just south of Tulsa. We will be hosting our first Yugioh Regionals on April 23 & 24, 2011. Konami has been very supportive in helping us to plan 2 separate Regionals in one weekend to be able to accommodate 140 players (70 per day). We are a small store trying to get regionals back in Oklahoma, if this goes well we plan to expand the size of our store and host larger events. This event requires pre-registration and payment to secure your entry in the regionals. Pre-register at We will have a full judging staff and security. Because of the limited space, only registered players will be allowed in the store during these events. Please join us in celebrating the first regionals in the Tulsa area for years. If you do attend, we welcome your suggestions on how we can improve our future events.

We also have a duel terminal with duel terminal 4 cards in it.
Thanks... The Alien Games Team

We should have enough people to have a Pokemon DS Tournament this thursday!! Come and bring a friend!!

Alien Games
508 E. "A" st
Jenks, OK 74037

Friday Night Magic & Box Tournament!

Entry= $9 (18 entrant minimum)

Time= 6:00 PM start Sign ups.

Box to the winner, 1 pack per entry divided between remainder of top 8 Plus randoms!

There was 2 last Thursday, need at least 4 to have it!

Alien Games
508 E. "A" st
Jenks, OK 74037


Besieged Game Day - Saturday - March 5 @ 12:30 & 6:00 Type 2 Standard $6.00 entry. 1 pack to each participant with entry &  1 pack per entry in the prize pool PLUS Full-art Treasure Mage to all participants (while supplies last), and those who make it to the top 8 will get a stunning full-art Black Sun's Zenith! Top 2 Mirran affiliated decks will receive Pristine Talisman preview card.  Top 2 Phrexia affiliated decks will receive a Suture Priest Preview Card. Alien Games! Hope to see you there! 

Yes! We would like to see the Pokemon DS Tournaments back as well. Thursday @ 6:00 Bring your DS and lets get this going again!!

UPDATE!! Parking lot is plowed and Fedx says shipment will arrive in time for the release!!!  Yea!

Well it may? Follow us on Alien Games Facebook for the latest. The parking lot should be clear today, just waiting on the product to arrive? Shipping may be Delayed due to the weather?

FREE PIZZA for anyone that enters the event on Saturday!!! Come early, limited supply of product and this is supposed to be a GREAT set!!!

Alien Games
508 E. "A" st
Jenks Ok 74037

After This Friday's FNM at 12:01 we will have our Besieged Pre-Release Sealed Event!

Play in Friday Night Magic and get first chance to sign up for the Pre-Release!!

Pre-Release $25.00 for 3 packs Besieged and 3 Packs Scars of Mirrodin

Besieged Pre-Release Events
Starting at 12:01 (Right After Midnight Friday Night)!
•   Promo Cards
•   Random Sealed Box of WORLDWAKE   to be given away! (34 people min)
•   Metal Spin Down Life Counters
•   Play Mats
•   Prize Support
•   Free Pizza Saturday @ 1:00 with Side Events

Supposed to be one of the best sets ever!!!!

Alien Games
508 E "A" st.
Jenks, OK 74037

Alien Games in Jenks is now hosting the ONLY Pokemon Pre-release in Eastern Oklahoma!!

"CALL OF LEGENDS"    Event listed on


Jan 29th 2011

Registration Starts @ 12:00 PM

Registration Ends @ 1:00 PM



Get the latest sets of cards in time for the Okla State Championships!

Join us on Facebook to keep up on everything we do!!!/

Alien Games - 508 E. "A" Street
Jenks, OK  918-296-7111

Join us on Facebook to keep up with all we do!!!!/

Alien Games - Storm of Ragnarok Sneak Peek
508 E. "A" Street
Jenks OK   - 918-296-7111

Join us on Facebook to follow all we do!!!/

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