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Kazi had you added before and you deleted me. Add me again.

Fast Recovery

General Chat / Re: Easily Doubted. Mw3 F/A - SnD Player - 3.0+ K/D Weekly.
« on: November 02, 2012, 01:15:32 pm »
Bump - New Gamertag - Fast Recovery

General Chat / Re: Black Ops2
« on: October 23, 2012, 10:36:20 pm »
nah a new xbox wont be out for awhile. black ops is based more on gunskill not who shot first. ill enjoy blops2

still looking..

are yall gonna be at an edmond location?? the one by 2nd street"?

I forgot my mw3 it has te initials BC on it.
wow! im deleting you off my fl now...just playin

You are already added. Really friendlist not showing?
Yeah I'm added on HxC Gaming 1 but not 2,

Thanks Timmy, but I can't even seen HxC Gaming 2 friendslists and their friendslist is also full.

Since I am new to this site I'm posting this primarily to allow others to get to know me, my story and my game play type. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask anything. Literally anything nothing offends me nor is there nothing I'm afraid to be openly honest and upfront with.

Name: Bryce M. White

Age: 20

Preferred Games: Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops

Game Play Style: Objective/Flank Watcher

Preferred Gun: Acr

Dominate Gametype: SnD(Search & Destroy)

Here I'll explain how I play and some things about myself.

Though I play objective/Watch our backs I am actually able to be very aggressive with my Acr as I have used the Acr since mw2. Yes that means I can out gun Mp7 and sometimes PP90M1 but the PP90M1 is basically the only gun I ever get out gunned by simply because the fire rate is completely outrageous. I'm friends with many top GB players aswell as the #1 SnD clan in mw3(Rising). The name Easily Doubted came to be simply because I didn't really start to take the game seriously so sometimes I'd run around and get killed and not try at all. Till recently my friends started telling me I should start trying because I am actually very good.

I use to be a Competative Quickscoper in Mw2 for numerous top clans but I quit that after mw3 came out because in mw3 nearly anyone can quickscope which quickscoping should require skill. But basically this last month I began trying my life out and doing my best and I can proudly say I've been able to manage a 3.0 K/D ratio or higher weekly. Resulting in my k/d has grown. I just recently joined this site because its Local Comp. Gaming which I found absolutely amazing considering some of the prizes compare to MLG prizes in one way or another.

Yes I'm 20, I've been gaming since I was 13 and have only played FPS. I'm looking for a dubs partner or a 3v3/4v4 team but if that isn't possible at all I'm also always down to do some scrims as it will only improve my gameplay. I'm normally on 24/7 on Xbox Live considering thats where I believe the best of the best reside. I'm not hoping to become THE BEST but I'm hoping to become respected.

Basically thats me. I just really want to get familiar with the local Oklahoma gaming community and get a name out there for the state as holding some of the top comp. gamers. So please feel free to ask me any questions, pick me up for a scrim or add me on Xbox Live and I will post my gamertag below.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and good luck on the future tournaments. May the best Player/Players/Teams win and succeed.

Gamertag: Fast Recovery

Would for sure be there but just got into this site and I know absolutely no one to team with. Regardless I wish everyone the best of luck.

Hey whats up everyone? Basically I'm looking to get involved in some future tournaments and play with some fellow Oklahoma gamers. But heres the thing...I only play SnD(Search And Destroy) so if your up for some SnD please feel free to add me on Xbox Live on my gamertag which will be listed below. Thank you everyone.

GT: Easily Doubted

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