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So if the MLG gametypes aren't released by the time of the LAN, are we just gonna play Slayer with DMR start? Also i will be going to this, i promise. Also Timmy i have a dazzle so if you need it to stream just msg me.

Yea, I'll say this in nicer words than my friend Viper. This is a LAN just for fun. Play whatever we want, whatever weapons, whatever maps, whatever gametype. It doesn't matter, its to make new friends, chill with old friends, and have a LOT of fun playing the new Halo title.

optimus irkatron  8)
What does that mean?

Its Elmoo. Nothing he says means anything. Lol.

Hi errbody, first time lookin in here. I'm from Northeat KS and I was wondering if this is going to be a cash payout tourney or prizes or anything or if its just gonna be a fun lan.

This is going to be just for fun. No strings attached. We may have a little mock tournament just for fun, but nothing will be official.

First Person Shooters / Re: Halo Reach Midnight Launch
« on: August 30, 2010, 04:40:45 pm »
Is there a flier that you can scan and upload? I wouldn't mind asking the Gamestops here in the Northern Tulsa area if they could hand them out. I'm pretty sure I will go, and i think some of the gamers out here will want to meet some more cool players to test their skills against. (and have fun!)





Twitch where do you stay??

Twitch, G Wade and I all live together in Edmond.  We'll try to hit the Edmond Gamestop up.  Do you have flyers for us, or do you want me to just pass out the OKgamers ones I already have.  I have a lot of them.

Viper. At some point this week I will meet up with you or Grant or Hunter and get you guys a few sign up sheets. We will try to get some flyers printed this week but I don't think that is going to happen.

First Person Shooters / Re: Halo Reach Midnight Launch
« on: August 30, 2010, 04:13:42 pm »
We would also like to add that this will not only help HxC events but it will help any event in Oklahoma. And we will be doing this for more Midnight Launches on big titles like this.

Here is a list of the GameStops and other places we will be at some point on Halo Reach's Launch night.

--Gamestop Locations--
1841 Belle Isle Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73118-4226
(405) 843-5649

6300 Southwest 3rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73128-1022
(405) 787-1099

1901 NW Expressway # 2046
Oklahoma City, OK 73118-9229
(405) 843-6968

7640 NW Expressway # 113
Oklahoma City, OK 73132-1621
(405) 728-1395

--Best Buy Locations--
6421 Southwest 3rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK‎
(405) 440-1732

--Wal-Mart Locations--
1801 Belle Isle Boulevard, 73112
Oklahoma City, OK‎
(405) 841-6502‎

7800 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73132-1554
(405) 773-2633

First Person Shooters / Halo Reach Midnight Launch
« on: August 30, 2010, 02:56:30 pm »
Okay, so if you are reading this you more than likely know about HxC’s first ever Halo Reach LAN happening the Saturday after Reach’s release. We plan on this being a big event. But to make sure that it is a good event we will need some help from the community.

HxC will be hitting up a list of GameStops and other places that are having a “Midnight Release” for Halo Reach. We will be passing out flyers to the gamers waiting in line and we will also have a sign up sheet for out mobile texting club. We are hoping that this will give us a huge list of people that play Halo so that we can have a HUGE LAN on that Saturday and then much bigger and more consistent turnouts for future tournaments.

Now. What does this have to do with you? We need people to pass out flyers and sign people up for our mobile texting club at GameStops we can't get to! We are HxC and we are almost invincible and can almost do everything. But, sometimes we need help. =)

Any volunteers??

Hello all OKGamers and HxC Gamers! Hardcore LAN Center is hosting the FIRST Halo Reach event EVER in OKLAHOMA! Come join us at the Biltmore hotel for over 14 hours of Halo Reach on a LAN connection with all your local friends! For only $10 you will get to play with all the best locals in the area on LAN and also get FREE Pizza AND FREE Drink!!! We hope you are as excited for this as we are! Its going to be a HUGE event! Read below for more details

September 18th, 2010

The Biltmore Hotel
401 S Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
(405) 947-7681
Ballroom: Cumberland,0,1978394725764089781&near=Oklahoma+City,+OK&ei=kCYOSpXIItrEmQfv6JnHBQ&sa=X&oi=manybox&resnum=2&ct=10

11:00 a.m. 9/18/2010 - 2:00 a.m. 9/19/2010

Per Person: $10.00!!

**Special Offer!!!
-Bring 4 people (You and 3 Friends)
-With a full setup (4 TVs/Monitors, 4 360s, and 4 Copies of Reach)
-And your group of 4 gets in for ONLY $20!!
 --This will be a LIMITED OFFER -- First 6 FULL groups --


For Instant Event Updates:
You can either Sign up for our mobile club by going to this website - - OR you can Text "hxclancenter" to this number - 646-662-3101 - Signing up for our mobile club is only going to help you in the long run! By signing up you will know instantly when we have update some of our information on the our post here! And later on when the LAN Center opens you will recieve texts about specials and other things going on at the LAN Center! So please sign up!

We will be providing 8 Viewsonic TVs and at least 4 360s. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BRING THEIR SETUPS!!! Xbox/Monitor-TV/Halo Reach Game.
Headphones and Headsets
Note that we do allow headphones and headsets for use in our events but there are things you should be aware of if you’re going to use headphones at our tournaments.
-We will not change our setups to accommodate your specific hardware

Everyone that pays entry for this event will be getting FREE Pizza and also FREE Drink. This will be towards the evening and will be limited per person.

HxC will not be responsible for anyone’s equipment but our own. We suggest marking your equipment with your name somehow, whether that be tape and just your name on the tape or a sticker of some sort. However you want to do it, as long as you know its yours.

Check out our social networks!
Our Myspace
Our Facebook
Our Twitter
Our Youtube
Our Live Stream

Final Notes:
-We do expect this to be a BIG event. We are doing a major push throughout the central area on Reach's launch night.
-We will have 2 projectors (possibly more) setup on the "Main Stage" that we will have setup with our equipment.
-Make sure you bring your own equipment for this event!!! We need as much equipment as possible! We are going to have plenty of room for everyone to setup!!



no problem!  Care to share what issues you are referring to? 


Well KOTC isn't actually sponsored by GameStop even though they claim to be. We have talked with a few of the district managers and they have been throwing away our HxC flyers because of that thinking that we were KOTC.

Thanks for the offer.

I think that we will stay with just running these on our own. KOTC is just not something we want to be a part of because of a few issues with GameStop.

But again we do appreciate the offer.

Well, we are definitely running Reach events but we are not tied to KOTC at all.

General Chat / Re: Halo 3 Oklahoma Choice Awards
« on: August 06, 2010, 06:58:27 am »
if i was still a candidate for this i think i would win the biggest warrior lmao. my $9.95 dsl connection makes me teh invincible!!!!




OK so far how many teams are coming?

My team doesn't want to waste time and money for a small turnout. (coming from dallas)

How many teams showed up at the last event and what was the prize money?


Niveks. People aren't coming because of posts like this. Asking how many teams are coming and what not. We aren't truly sure. I am pretty sure we will get 10 at least for this one. Even though it doesn't look it, it will be a good event.

So is the next tourny thelast for h3?

Well. If this is a bad turnout this will be the last.

Shady Business
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Sorry mason, i wanted our points to count ;/

Haha. Nah. I'm not mad anymore. It's all good. I don't got beef with none of yall. Its bidness.

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