Author Topic: OKgamers on it's New Server - Okay, so what did we break?  (Read 4638 times)

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OKgamers on it's New Server - Okay, so what did we break?
« on: August 30, 2011, 03:52:56 am »

Sup guys.

Sorry for the last day or two of randomness, but our proud and awesome previous host had to have us move, and as part of the Tokyo USA Inc family, it made sense to be on their servers anyway, etc, etc.

SO - what did we break?

I know - about Avatars and any attachments, I'm putting those back up now.

Anything else?


Also with this server move, we'll be starting our 3.0 launch process:  new site, design to match the current forum more, etc, etc.  Good things ahead...

...SPEAKING of good things - wouldn't it be awesome to know if you had a fellow X game player, right down the road?

Welcome to our Member Map:

While there is no way to denote what sort of "games you play" currently, this is in beta - help us by trying it out, seeing if you like it, etc.

PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR LITERAL LOCATION - use the closest intersection, etc.  While you DO have to have an account to be able to see the Member Map, we do not suggest anyone post their "right on their house" location;  it's still the internet people :)


Be watching for more awesome in the future. 


Oklahoma doesn't have to "suck" - spread the word. - our goals

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