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Yea I repeat we are looking for fighters to sponsor to go to MLG PRO events to represent Oklahoma and the gaming Organization known as aXs Gaming.

Prove your good
 Win locals and any other prestigous events.

Be sure to register on our website. For fighters we understand the lag so all your points and xp will be gained at local events. We dont have approval to add their events to our site but we are watching.. Good luck guys!

OCCC is doing another Gaming Expo. Hardcore LAN Center will be an exhibitor and sponsor again. Check out the details below

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. -- Registration/Setup
10:30 p.m. - 12:45 p.m. -- Warm Ups
1:00 p.m. -- Tournament Start

SSBB 1v1 - $10 Per Player
Madden - $10 Per Player

SSBB 1v1 (Based on 24 Player Tournament)
1st - $100
2nd - $50
3rd - $20

Madden (Based on 16 Player Tournament)
1st - $100
2nd - $25
*If more participants show up prizes will increase for madden.

BYOC I repeat Bring Your Own Controller!!!! If you don't bring one you will have to give some sort of official Identification Card.

If you bring a Wii Console we will knock off $5 dollars towards your entry fee! First come first serve. 8 spots!

SSBB rules will be based on 1.2 version
Madden rules will be MLG Orlando settings.

Double/Single Elimination TBD

OK due to new information about the LAN Settings for MW2 we are not going to do a LAN Tournament. But we are going to LAN. We are going to give away some door prizes and gift cards. We will have one set up for Halo 3 and the other for MW2. This will be a good time to meet other gamers and play on some community agreed settings. Four our fighters we will have four tvs for you guys to get your kick punch on. Any other thoughts?

There will be just a $5 venue fee.

There will be snacks and drinks for really cheap. Please give some feed back so we can do the final local gathering.

First Person Shooters / Tell Modern Warfare 2 gamers about
« on: November 09, 2009, 07:06:54 pm »
We are going to be doing LANs and online tournaments. Im sure Tulsa will have some stuff going on to. Please help this game not suck locally. It makes no sense that there were NOT 1 COD 4 tournament that was based on community. So tonight at the launch let everyone know about

First Person Shooters / Modern Warfare 2 OMFG
« on: October 16, 2009, 04:46:18 am »
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaze have good LAN Settings.... This is an awesome looking Game!

This is not an HxC Event

GameStop District Manager called and asked me to post this.

Fighting Gamers / TEKKEN 6
« on: August 14, 2009, 07:30:02 am »
Hey I have not heard anyone talk about Tekken 6 at all. I was hoping the local community would be excited about it as much as I am. I already have my copy reserved. Of course i'm going to push for HxC to run tournaments and start a league in this game. What do you guys think?

Sports Gamers / MADDEN LEAGUE
« on: August 14, 2009, 07:27:35 am »
First tournament will be in October. No set date yet. But it will be in Midwest City. Gamertag to add is



Just scroll down to the bottom right and click on XBOX and PS3 tournament. Yelp YOU GUYS ARE LOCAL STARS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS NOT A TOURNAMENT. This is a LAN event preparing locals for the MLG tournament in Dallas. There will be 3 tables in my place available for setups. Two will be dedicated to Halo 3 1 will be for Gears of War 2 10 viewsonics available. 8 for Halo 3 2 for Gears of War 2. Meaning we need for Teams to bring their setups. 16 monitors for Halo 3 8 for Gears of War 2. We will be using official Dynex Switches and we already have LAN Cables.


I'm not going to post the location because I need this to be sort of discreet and I dont want 100,000 people coming to my crib. SO in order to get the address to the LAN you have to join our text message group by texting "hardcore gamer" to 646-662-3101
We will respond with the Address.

Contact information


Will Cover Pizza and Drinks. Unlimited until the supply is out.

1 PM to 3 AM

You don’t have to have a full team, but you need to bring at least a controller. Console, Copy of game your playing, and Monitors are highly appreciated.



NO HxC will not sponsor your team to MLG DALLAS

Can't wait to LAN With you guys. Please post questions and concerns.

Hey guys I wanted to help the locals out with LAN Party before the Dallas event. On friday Gears of War 2 will go down. Saturday will be for the Halo 3 gamers. Plus I wanted to try out some new HxC equipment so this will be perfect. Both days I'm allowing 8 teams to come and lan Or 40 individuals however you wanna look at. I will need $5 from everyone for 2 reasons. 1 my electric bill is going to be high and 2 I it will go to food and snacks and I will buy the drinks (All the energy drinks and soda you can handle). Fair? Let me know what you guys think and if your down hit me up.

Timmy Skorcher
Hardcore Gamer

Ok this month tournament we will be at the Biltmore Hotel. (It is not part of the HxC Summer Season)But this months prizes is still good but with a cherry on top. 2v2 and 1v1! No 4v4 this month I need more then 8 teams to start coming August we will do the 4v4.

July 25, 2009

The Biltmore Hotel
401 S Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
(405) 947-7681,0,1978394725764089781&near=Oklahoma+City,+OK&ei=kCYOSpXIItrEmQfv6JnHBQ&sa=X&oi=manybox&resnum=2&ct=10

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. -- Registration/Setup
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. -- Warm Ups
2:30 p.m. -- Tournament Start

$5 Venue Fee
Entry Fee
1v1 $20
2v2 $20 per gamers
$5 Venue fee

1v1 Prizes                                      

1st $200 + Dark Corners Map Pack          
2nd $100 + Dark Corners Map Pack        

2v2 Prizes
1st $200 + Dark Corners Map Pack
2nd $100

If you happen to win the Map Pack already then you can trade in for a GameStop Gift Card. No Cash!

For Instant Tournament Updates:
You can either Sign up for our mobile club by going to this website - - OR you can Text Message this number - 646-662-3101 - Signing up for our mobile club is only going to help you in the long run! By signing up you will know instantly when we have update some of our information on the our post here! And later on when the LAN Center opens you will receive texts about specials and other things going on at the LAN Center! So please sign up!

XBOX 360 Console
Gears Of War 2
If you want to bring a TV you can if you want its not mandatory.
No MODDED Controllers!

HxC will not be responsible for anyones equipment but our own. We suggest marking your equipment with your name somehow, whether that be tape and just your name on the tape or a sticker of some sort. However you want to do it, as long as you know its yours. We will however have someone on guard watching everybody’s things.

Gears of War 2 1v1
We will be using MLG PRO LAN settings for this tournament.
-Double Elimination
Gamers will start with Lancers. No POWER WEAPONS  will be on the map which includes frags and ink. Only COG Pistol, Shutgun, Hammerburst, Smoke Grenades and Lancer. This makes it more fun Strategic and skillful.

Best out of 3 Maps. Championship match will be best out of 5 Gamers will be giving a choice out of 2 of the MLG Maps Randomly if they don’t want to play on either map another random map is given. They must agree on one of the 3.

Gears of War 2 2v2
We will be using MLG PRO LAN settings for this tournament.
-Double Elimination
Best of 3. Championship match will be best out of 5. Gamers will start with Lancers. Please see the map weapon location posted just below.

Both tournaments:
Maps will be MLG Approved: ALL gamers have 5 minutes each round to agree on what map they want to play on. If they do

7PM I will be hosting a custom party for free agents that are looking for a team. Send a message to
HxC LAN Center or HALO IN OKC 2.

We will be playing MLG Variants. See you there!

Tournament Planning and Hype / OKC- Gears of War 2 4v4 - 7//09
« on: June 15, 2009, 08:51:08 am »
Last tournament was a success even though the unfortunate set back of the venue. Next tournament we are going to hold 3 different game types for GOW2. The Gears of War community is getting bigger and better. Here is the layout for next tournament. Please give me feedback. If you wish to participate in this tournament post team name include gamertags. If you play in additional events please indicate that also. Can't wait! No building has been schedule. We will be looking at two today.

[email protected]

MLGPRO settings and gametypes


$25 a gamer
1st place $400 + Dark corners Map Pack
2nd place (if there's 8 teams) $200


$20 a gamer
Prize will increase if there is 32 teams of doubles


$10 a gamer
1st $100
2nd $50
3rd $20 Game Stop Gift Card

First Person Shooters / Capture while using VGA cable
« on: June 04, 2009, 01:10:08 pm »
Heres how you do it!
This is a method that works in capturing with the MLG TV(Viewsonic NX2232w)
Or any monitor that has a vga input.


- 1 Gold Plated Audio Splitter

- 3 Gold-Plated Audio Y-Adapter, 1/8" Mono Jack to Phono plugs

- 1 Male to Male VGA Gold Plated

- 1 VGA Splitter

- 1 PC to TV

- 1 Capture device I use a Pinnacle Movie Box 710 USB

- 1 pair of audio cables.

Most of these items are purchase at RadioShack and NewEgg.

How to setup the Video:

1. Connect your XBOX VGA cable into the VGA splitter in the Video In slot.

2. The VGA to VGA cable that you purchased connect it from the TV to the VGA splitter.

3. Connect the VGA converter cable that the VGA splitter brought from the VGA splitter into the PC to TV VGA port(It looks like an S-Video port but it has more pings)

4. Connect the composite cable(yellow cable) into the PC to TV box and into your capturing device.

How to setup the Audio:

1. Insert your audio splitter into the headphone jack of the ViewSonic(green slot)

2. Connect your VGA audio cables to the Y-Adapter, 1/8" Mono Jack to Phono plugs into the audio aplitter.

3. Connect another audio splitter into the Y-Adapter, 1/8" Mono Jack to Phono plugs and connect a pair of audio cables(red and white) on the other end plug them into another audio splitter and then plug the splitter into your computers MIC port.

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