Author Topic: Tulsa - Magic And Pokemon Tournaments at Wizards Asylum Comics & Games - Weekly  (Read 8314 times)

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Where: Wizard's Asylum @ 7165 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, Oklahoma
for more details: (918) 250-2077

Wednesday *NEW*:
7pm Magic the Gathering
Booster Draft $14.00

7pm Magic the Gathering
Standard (type 2) $3.00

1:00pm Magic the Gathering
4-Pack Booster Draft $17.00

4:00pm Magic the Gathering
Standard (type 2) FREE!

7:30pm Magic the Gathering
Booster Draft $14.00

1pm to 4pm Pokemon TCG League

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I may have to hit up the Pokemon tourneys on Sunday :o

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A few times updated as well!

Quote from a old defunct thread (before business owner posted their own thread)
Wizards seems to have a core group that does they tourneys usually 1 - 2 new people show up and are almost never seen again.  Both the guys who run the shop are great people who actually play the game so that helps.   They have a great set up and I fully recommend it for serious, meh, and new players.     

Please don't Lurk or troll there.  Just go up to the guys at the counter say I want to play and they will tell you how to register ( some forms must be filled out for they do some Fully sanctioned tourneys).     

Also of note - Wizards Saturday D&D / free Gameing  day.   

details soon ---

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