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Battlefield 3 4v4 September 2nd, 2012 @ HxC League Site
« on: August 08, 2012, 08:01:48 am »
Been getting request to do BF3 tournament but LAN can't happen Online... can. I don't know much about the game but here is the Settings and rules accurate? Am I missing something?

The default settings specified in these rules can be changed, but only if an option is available in the challenge.

Game Mode: Squad Rush
MAV: Challenge Option
Hardcode Mode: Challenge Option
After both teams get in contact with eachother, an open Squad Rush server must be found. At this point, all 3 or 5 maps must be played.
One Game consists of each Team playing 1 Round on Offense and 1 Round on Defense.
A Point is received when a Team successfully destroys a Bomb Site.
The first team to receive 4 Points total for the Match wins. Points will be calculated after the end of a Game.
If there is a tie in Points, both Teams will continue playing until a Winner is determined.
4 Maps will be Generated in the Match Options. These Maps must be played in order. If all 4 Maps have been played and the Score remains tied, the 5th Game will begin on the 1st Map and continue the same order. This process will be repeated until a Winner is determined.
If by the end of the four maps, there is no winner/there is a tie in score, then the maps shall continue from Map 1 and so on until a clear winner is determined. If teams are tied at 4 points, the clear winner is the team who scores more points at the end of the map. (Assume Team A scored 2 points while Team B only scored 1. Team A is the winner).

Prizes? 1600 MS Points Each for 1st place team
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