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First Person Shooters / Murder Miners
« on: September 12, 2012, 08:41:42 pm »

PC Gamers / Local Minecraft PvP
« on: July 29, 2012, 02:38:41 am »
Anyone here play mine craft pvp's for fun? We have a couple guys and are looking for more friendly php games every once in awhile. Let me know here.

General Chat / The Walking Dead
« on: July 15, 2012, 10:34:30 pm »
Anyone on here watch the show?

General Chat / Columbus Halo Updates
« on: March 23, 2012, 09:44:00 pm »
It's that time of the year again. Follow @OK_Updates on twitter for all updates on Oklahoma players attending Columbus.

This will only be updated for Halo. Spread the word.

General Chat / world domination
« on: November 05, 2011, 12:37:06 am »
looking for one or six people to rule to the world. i know karate, my brothers a black belt. only serious people message me.

General Chat / Flex Watches - Charity in Style
« on: October 28, 2011, 12:46:35 am »
Not sure if this is aloud, to promote a product that is, and if it's not just let me know and delete the thread.

I introduce to you guys Flex Watches

What are Flex Watches?
What is Flex Watches all about?

The Flex Watch is a symbol of a vibrant, active life. It was created to inspire change and will change the industry itself; the Flex is not just a watch, it's a brand that represents the lifestyle we aspire to lead. The 10-10-10 standard was inspired by a group of individuals hoping to raise awareness through unique colorful products. Our watches embody creativity without sacrificing what is most important: the people.   

What are we doing for the charities?

Here at Flex Watches our primary goal is to raise awareness for the 10 charities teamed up with us. From local events to nationwide campaigns, and from campus reps to local businesses, Flex Watches is The Original Charity Watch. In addition, we donate ten percent of our net profits to be distributed evenly to each participating charity.

How can you help?

By wearing your Flex Watch, you are already starting to raise awareness for the organization linked to the color. The hope here at flex watches is that you will share the story of the charity that represents the color of your watch. Additionally, on each of the charity profile pages theres a donate button that links to their website. Find out more about what they do by click through and reading about these awesome organizations.

There are 10 colors of watches, each representing it's own charity.

As you can tell the watch itself (the face of the watch) is red, along with the band that is attached around your wrist. Wanna mix up the colors? Go for it.
FLEX Watches: "How-To Guide"

These watches sell for only $30 for the watch face and and the band. And if you want to buy just a band of any color it's only $15.  However, currently you cannot mix and match with your first order, so if you wanted a yellow band with a white face you would have to buy the $30 watch and band, plus buy the $15 yellow band. But it's all good, because 10% of the profits go towards the charities.

If you do decide to order a watch, or several, please use my name, Mason Evans, as a referral.  I am a campus rep up at Kansas State University but I don't feel like I should just promote at my school. What do I get if you use me as a referral? For every 5 referrals I get to choose a charity of my choice for Flex Watches to donate $5 to, and I receive a free watch. So please use me as a referral, if you don't though it won't be the end of the world.

If anyone has any questions about any of this just let me know.

Charities Represented:
The living memoir (TLM) was created by Nathan Stodghill as an outlet for people to express how they feel in a time of crisis. This forum is predominantly about suicide awareness, however it is intended for people to remember the past (rewind), live in the present (play), think about the future (fast forward) and unwind emotions (eject). Our mission is simple: Learn, Laugh, Love & Live Forever... -

The mission of the St. Bernard Project is to create housing opportunities so that Hurricane Katrina survivors can return to their homes and communities. The St. Bernard Project, a nonprofit, community-based organization carries out its mission through three primary programs: Rebuilding Program, Center for Wellness and Mental Health and Opportunity Housing Program. -

APDA - The country

General Chat / Free Red Bull on your campus
« on: September 09, 2011, 02:47:43 pm »

Type in your area for your college campus and see if there are any hidden 4-pack's of Red Bull

General Chat / Need $300 MLG Orlando Sponsor
« on: August 09, 2011, 09:32:28 pm »
There is a very small chance I will get any results from this, but it's worth a shot.

I am looking for someone / some company to pay for my plane ticket ONLY for Orlando, you don't need to pay for hotel or pass or anything else. We will have jerseys and will be more than happy to include your companies name and logo on them, whether it be OK Gamers, HxC, AxS or any other company.

If anyone reads this and knows anyone that would be interested just direst them this way and let me know.


First Person Shooters / Pre HxC Reach LAN - Need 1 more team
« on: May 03, 2011, 11:16:47 pm »
There's a possibility of a pre HxC LAN in Sapulpa either May 14th or May 21st, whichever will work for most people. We would begin playing Saturday afternoon and into Sunday. We wouldn't be able to start Friday, or early Saturday due to work schedules. The LAN would be 100% free, we have a warehouse that we can 100% use, we have setups guaranteed, so as long as we have 4 more setups we will be fine.

We have our team guaranteed and another team (hatchy, k1llfactor, blizzard?, famous) that are probably coming as well. We'd like one more team.


Message me on xbl - AMP on the Moon if you're interested and I'll give you more details.

General Chat / MLG Dallas Halo: Reach updates
« on: April 01, 2011, 04:01:17 pm »
Seeing as I know nothing about Star Craft 2 or even know anyone competing and I don't know anyone competing in BLOPS this twitter will only be updating for Halo: Reach.

You can easily figure out what Oklahoma teams are up to and how they are placing, and all you gotta do it follow OK_Updates on twitter!

Here's a link to show show easy it is to get updates sent straight to your phone or you just to your computer. -,3220.msg40471.html#msg40471

Have a team competing and would like to featured on the twitter? Just send me a message on here with your team name and players and I will send you my number, all you have to do is text me through the event on how your team is doing and I will update the twitter.

General Chat / Oklahoma Event Updates (NEW)
« on: September 22, 2010, 04:52:27 pm »
Back once again! (and improved)

Couldn’t make it to the MLG event? Wondering how you’re local friends and/or foes are doing at tournaments around the country? Want texts to update you on them? Want to let everyone know how your team is doing at an event? Well now you can.

All you need is a twitter account. Creating a twitter account is fast and easy, and the best part is once your signed up and following @OK_Updates you NEVER have to logon to Twitter again (if you follow through your phones texts).

This worked extremely smooth with Made You Look in Nashville and with Dallas coming out and a new game being played I anticipate a bunch of people to be going, so why not let everyone know how your doing?

If you check out now you can get the idea of what kind of updates will be sent out since MyL’s updates are still one there.

If you signup and do NOT subscribe your number all you need to do is go to on any web browser on a computer, iPad, iPod, or any phone with internet access.

If you DO signup and subscribe with your phone (no additional charges from Twitter) then you will need to do nothing to get updates. When I update the twitter, the update will be sent directly to your phone via text message. (I will NOT tweet random things)

How to signup AND subscribe your phone. (If you wish to NOT subscribe your phone all you need to do are steps 1, 2, and 6)

Step 1: (If you already have a twitter account skip to step 3)
Go to and on the front page click 'Sign up now'

Step 2:
Fill out the appropriate fields

Step 3:
Click settings at the top right corner

Step 4:
Click mobile

Step 5:
Type in your phone number and then confirm your phone.

Step 6:
Go back to, and and click 'follow'

To the right of where you just clicked should pop up two small circles, click on them until they are BOTH green

I only have one green circle because I couldn't register my phone on another account, but if you register your phone correctly on your account there will be two circles.

Note: I will NOT be sending mass amounts of updates!

Want your team featured on the Twitter?

If your team is going to an event just message me on here and I will give you my phone number, then all you need to do is tell me your team name and team members and during the event text me with updates on your team (Ex. Lost WB1 to Heaven and Earth, Won WBR4 with a close 2-1). Once you text me I will determine what needs to be put on the Twitter.


When the Reach Beta codes came out I Retweeted 3 people, I will NOT retweet things likes this again

Don’t forget to follow @OKgamers and @HxCLANCenter[/i]

General Chat / Upgrade to the New 360 for cheap!
« on: June 27, 2010, 08:32:22 pm »
Right now Gamestop has a deal going on that you can trade in your Xbox 360 and some accessories to lower the price of the new 250gb 360.

Local Players General / 2010 HxC Point Tracker *Always Updated*
« on: May 30, 2010, 07:01:32 pm »
With the 2009 HxC season long gone and the 2010 season just underway, points are a hot topic. From now on I will be in charge of the HxC points and I will keep this thread updated at all times so there will be no questioning of how many points a player/team may or may not have.

If you have any questions or see any discrepancies let me know ASAP and I will look into it and fix it if need be.

All points from the 2009 HxC season will no longer be used. All points from now on will be 2010 only.

********Points System*********
-This will be used for all games during the span of the season.
     Live Events
     1st - 1200
     2nd - 1000
     3rd - 900
     4th - 800
     5th - 750
     6th-8th - 700
     9th-12th - 600
     Below 12th - 500

     Online Events
     1st - 250
     2nd - 200
     3rd - 159
     4th - 100
     5th - 75
     6th-8th - 50

May 29th - 4v4 ad FFA

June 26th - 4v4 and FFA

July 31st

August 21st


Better Quality -

General Chat / Oklahoma H3 Choice Awards ***RESULTS***
« on: April 17, 2010, 09:32:05 pm »
Thank you everyone who voted for the first ever Oklahoma Halo 3 Choice Awards. Several people voted and here are the results.

Best BR:
1st - DrWalterr

2nd - Hummp

Best Objective Player:
1st - TwitcH

2nd - DrViper

Best Power Weapon Control:
1st - Hummp

2nd - DrViper

Best Pure Slayer:
1st - DrWalterr

2nd - Hummp

Best Sniper:
1st - G Wade

2nd - Dreamz

Best Support:
1st - Drviper

2nd - Chad

Best Duo:
1st - G Wade & DrViper

2nd - Wally and Lefty

Best Forum Poster:
1st - AMP

2nd - TwitcH

Most Clutch Player:
1st - G Wade

2nd - Hummp

Most Unpredictable Player:
1st - Hummp

2nd - Kaddy

Smartest Player:
1st - G Wade

2nd - DrViper

Biggest Warrior:
1st - Roye

2nd - Dreamz

Most Hated:
1st - Kaddy

2nd - TwitcH

Best Overall Player:
1st - G Wade

2nd - DrViper

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and won a category

Special thanks to DrViper for helping out A LOT with making the awards AND the userbars/fanbars.

I would like to keep the Choice Awards going, so I will most likely be constructing another 'contest' like this after the next HxC season.

  • G Wade - 5
  • Hummp - 2
  • DrViper - 2
  • DrWalterr - 2
  • Kaddy - 1
  • Roye - 1
  • TwitcH - 1
  • AMP - 1

  • Kaddy received every vote except one for Most Hated Player
  • Roye won with a landslide of Warrior votes
  • Almost everyone and their children got votes for Best BR
  • DrViper got the most 2nd place finishes..... Congrats....?
  • G Wade got at least one vote in every category except Warrior and Hated

General Chat / Halo 3 Oklahoma Choice Awards
« on: April 11, 2010, 01:35:50 am »
Introducing the first Halo 3 Oklahoma Choice Awards!

Time to see who the community thinks is the best (insert category).

The way it works: Simply send me a PM with your votes. Please give a submission for EVERY category. Please don't nominate yourself. I will keep track of the votes. Please try to keep the votes confidential, so send me a PM with your votes or send me a message on XBL on AMP ya dig

Winners get a free sig from me, and we all know how 1337 my sigs are.

Best BR
Best Sniper
Best Power Weapon Control
Best Pure Slayer
Best Objective Player
Best Support Player
Most Unpredictable Player
Biggest Warrior
Most Hated
Best Duo
Most Clutch Player
Best Forum Poster
Smartest Player

Voting starts now and ends 4/18. Yes, one week from today. If I decide however that there have not been enough votes cast I will extend the deadline.

Lastly, please spread the word, we want as many voters as we can get, but please don't just vote for your friends. Vote for who you legitimately think fits that spot.

Happy Voting

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