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General Chat / OK H3 MLG Event Updates
« on: March 22, 2010, 10:37:46 pm »
Hello everyone, Nashville is in a couple days so I thought I would bring this up now. I have made a twitter account dedicated to ANY and ALL Oklahoma teams that go to an MLG event (Pro Circuit or Combine). The purpose for this twitter is to update on how these teams are doing for all of you who could not or just chose to not go.

I will be getting updates from one of the players throughout the day and I will update them to the twitter. The twitter account is

Want these updates sent to your phone via text message? Here's how:

Step 1: (If you already have a twitter account skip to step 3)
Go to and on the front page click 'Sign up now'

Step 2:
Fill out the appropriate fields

Step 3:
Click settings at the top right corner

Step 4:
Click mobile

Step 5:
Type in your phone number and then confirm your phone.

Step 6:
Go back to, and and click 'follow'

To the right of where you just clicked should pop up two small circles, click on them until they are BOTH green

I only have one green circle because I couldn't register my phone on another account, but if you register your phone correctly on your account there will be two circles.

It may seem like a bunch of steps but they are VERY easy steps, but if you have any problems or questions feel free to ask.

And if you are hesitant to sign up because you don't want a ton of pointless text updates DON'T WORRY! I will not update things such as 'Eating a donut', 'Waiting for next round' etc. And I will RARELY, if ever, put out tweets when there is not an event taking place.

So far I have only been told that Oklahoma has one team going to Nashville. Made You Look: DrViper - G Wade - Twitch - BigRed

If your team is going and wants to be on the twitter feel free to message me on here and I will give you my phone number, you will then need to text me your team name and team members and then whenever you text me during the event I will post it on the twitter.

I will also be sending out a test tweet on Thursday, so it would be best to sign up before then so you can figure out if your text updates are working or not.

Any questions feel free to ask.

General Chat / Nice to Meet You
« on: March 08, 2010, 09:34:38 pm »
Hello everyone, my name is Monsoon.

 I used to be a troll on these lovely forums, but times have changed! Rislone gave me my final warning for "trolling/instigating fights" so I decided to change my ways and be a nice guy!

So I would like to welcome everyone to my thread, feel free to post and have a good couple chuckles with me! EVERYONE POST, REMEMBER: I LOVE EVERYONE NOW

First Person Shooters / MW2 - Easiest way to rank up?
« on: January 18, 2010, 05:11:32 pm »
Well I just prestiged and am wondering what it the fastest way to gain EXP.

Is there a certain playlist that is easy tl rack up points?

General Chat / MLG Orlando
« on: January 07, 2010, 03:11:47 pm »
Just curious if anyone from Oklahoma is going to Orlando?

General Chat / FarmVille
« on: October 31, 2009, 06:26:49 pm »
Alright, just started farmville today and am looking for some new neighbors.  If you wanna be neighbors just send me a FR (Mason Evans - Jenks High School / Tulsa, OK) and I will send you a request to be a neighbor!

General Chat / Oklahoma's Fastest H3 Flag Runner
« on: September 09, 2009, 04:43:10 pm »
I believe I am Oklahoma's fastest Halo 3 flag runner (yeah I know, what an accomplishment).  But I firgured I'm not the best slayer, nor am I the smartest player (not even close on both), but anyways, I am challenging EVERYONE and ANYONE who thinks they can run the flag faster than me. All you have to do is sign in another controller, make the controllers be on seperate teams and start up the game.  

I have only done a "speed run" on The Pit currently. My time was 1:43 on my second attempt so I left it at that.  As soon as you get the three caps on pit go to Threatre and see how long the film is because that is the length of time I am going off of.

  • You CAN pick up any weapon on the map
  • You're other controller or person on the other team CANNOT help you in any way
  • You can run the flag ANY route you'd like
  • You can use any weapon/grenades to your advantage, as long as YOU'RE shooting/throwing them
If you would like to do it on another map just tell me and I will give you my best time. I can GUARANTEE I am the fastest flag runner on MLG maps, but I am willing to give some non-MLG maps a shot.

So here you go, just get your best time and file share it. Let's get some friendly competition going.

(Yes I know, maybe ONE person will respond to this, but I am desperate to be the best at SOMETHING in Oklahoma :))


The Pit

EDIT: I will put up everyones time as long as they recommend me the film @ AMP ya dig

Thread Archives / HALO 3 - Need 3 decent player from near tulsa
« on: November 23, 2008, 07:21:27 pm »
Hey guys.  I follow the Pro Circuit and am always looking to better myself.  I am not amazing at this game, but I am not a total waste either. I am willing to listen to constructive critisism and am looking for 3 other players from jenks/somewhere near tulsa that are decent. I am online everyday. I am a support/objective player. I want to go to some local LANs and more importantly, have fun playing a game that was supposed to be fun. When I say fun, I still mean that I want to win....

If anyone is interested just message me on AIM @ TiR 2AMPd or leave a reply on here or message me on XBL @ AMPPPPP (5 P's).

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