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does this count as a double post?  lets change the stages.  onett doesn't count cuase it has such a low ceiling and pepole can camp the edges because of the side barriers.

nah dont worry about it, got OoS coming cause we're legitimately cool =)

hm, okay fair enough.
now if i can handle the thought of giving some certain person easy money...i must sit on this.

i don't understand, we even talked about changing the stagelist in person.  also, there is another tournament that was planned a head of this one on the same day.  I have OoS saying they will leave that one to go to this one if the entry was raised to 10.

can we please change the admission of the ssbb to 10?  also lets tlak about the stage list.

ill see what i can do when it comes to smash OoS.  hpoefully theres nothing going on that day.

dont know if they changed anything from the japanese TvC, but that scene came and died w/in the smash/SRKers real quick.

there is a tournament in houston on the 6th.  so there wont be out of cit/state players unless they come from KS.

Everybody on smashboards thought the brawl tourney was ran very well.  most efficient tourney ever.  Josh and paul were very efficient and tough in calling players and dq'ing them.  There were absolutely zero complaints about how it was ran from the smash community, dallas/whichita/norman thought it was ran very well.  

only complaints was that bassem woke up late and got a coffee before he left.

look up vids by phoenix alpha or magitek knight.

Fair enough.

The lot of norman has chosen school over a video game.

Did you get josh to use MK so you could vote for pro ban? 

Ill say this, the only people eligible to go on OKLAHOMAS pr are paul, josh, alex, and chris.  i dont want to offend anybody, but they all have something in common that allows them to go to this tourney.

not quite sure what "swag" is.  but anyways.  last time kansas was there, we decided to hold a "Kansas vs Oklahoma" thing (which oklahoma won...kind of).  Which i could have sworn OKgamers did run.  but if inferno ran it than im sorry.

******* ****!  I did not realize what that date was.

The lot of our PR will not be showing up to this for a very good reason.  If anybody were to show up itd be josh, alex, and maybe paul and chris.   

mvc2?  gg xx?  yeah right.  ask x_a what he thinks about mvc2, ive adopted the same mentality.  as for gg xx, im already way behind for that one.

you want to mm me at a game you dont even like?  if you went though you could have seen who made the comment.

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