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freaking chuck nasty.

good games were played by everyone, i really couldn't tell if the halo people were serious or not.

I think if there are more than 50 people at the brawl tournament, than we should account for a 3rd place prize.   as well as an increase in winnings.

which one are you into? smash or sf4?

tilts fast enough to screw up most of the characters aiming for a sweet spot.  if the switch was good enough for whobo, why isn't it good enough here?

I only see MK/Snake and maybe Link...but Link can't reach any edge anyway... getting gimped on Lylat, really. Besides...PS1 has a wall where characters can lock with tilts and chaingrabs. I'm not sure why there is much consideration being given to PS1.

On lylat? fox, falco, wolf, marth to name a few.  and the chaingrab thing isn't true to me, the only tilt game that it will benefit is snakes, maybe warios and zeldas.

heh, even though snake can't sweet spot chooses ps1 over lylat.  and lylat is supposed to be a good snake stage too.

Lylat Cruise is a good choice for a 5th neutral starter. It is far more neutral than PS1 or Halberd. Castle Siege is just out of the question.  

Lylat Cruise - Ship Tilts with MAY gimp some character. It's not like the ship tilts at a lighting fast speed though.

PS1 - Stage changes that give advantages and disadvantages to certain characters.
 While the stage is changing, any platforms that are rising or falling will stop a character in his or her tracks.  This stage also has a glitched edge.

I just tested this myself.  The glitch we spoke of before hand only works on 2 people.  I will not mention who those involved are, but that is 2 compared to anybody that prefers sweet spotting the ledge.

Lylat Cruise - Ship Tilts with MAY gimp some character. It's not like the ship tilts at a lighting fast speed though.
Honestly, after awhile most characters should be able to recover as long as the player is used to adapting to different angles to recover.  Definitely more neutral than some of the BS on PS1.

Lylat could gimp any character that could be going for a sweet spot ledge.  So that eliminates...snake?

we're currently discussing about changing them.

I like the rules saif posted.

-4 neutrals that have to be in every tournament

-when tourney is posted, discussion on which of the other 4 neutrals/counterpicks will be in which category.

-no planking

-talk of which stages should be in the counter pick or banned category.

i could have sworn i posted the updated rules, but apparently i didnt

I thought I posted updated brawl rules, but i guess i didnt.

im not a sf4 player, but were any of those the guile/honda players from the last one?

it looks like you 2 said the exact same thing.

Um, cause you may or may not win?

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